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How You Can Use Labels and Seals to Ensure Safe Food Delivery

Your customers don’t have to be germaphobes to wonder about the safety and integrity of the food you deliver due to its packaging.

Nobody wants to have the slightest suspicion that someone may have coughed in their sandwich or sipped from their soda before delivery. Rather than leave it all to trusting your delivery team, you can package food to make it tamperproof.

The pandemic has raised concern over hygiene among consumers. It has also brought about various extra costs in different businesses. You can alleviate any concerns your consumers may have by using affordable labels and seals cleverly.

Here are a few simple steps to take towards safe food delivery using seals and labels.

1. Choose the Packaging Format

When choosing take-out containers, you are spoilt for choice, which can make it challenging to pick. Here are our recommendations for the best label to use for tamper-proofing your take-out packaging.

Foam Containers with Hinges

Hinged foam containers are easy to open and close. They’re often used for finger foods. Some of these containers employ rubber bands, but there are non-stretching labels that seal them off better. It would help if you went for the smaller side/front closure labels or longer full-wrap belly band seals.

Prepared Plastic Containers

These containers have prepackaged food. You will already have a labeling system for shelving or refrigeration. Scale labels and jar seals are preferred for sealing weight-based food. To lock the container, you simply place a standard tamper proof product label.

Pizza Carton Boxes

Although pizza boxes have flaps that secure them well, they aren’t unlike the foam containers with hinges. You can add labels or seals on each side to guarantee that the product remains safe and tamper-free.

Foil Containers

Foil containers are made to keep foods hot and safe from contamination. The aluminum seals are great but adding a label on the side of the lid down to the base. The seal and the label will keep the lid closed down tight.

Folded Kraft Take-Out Boxes

These containers have only one opening point, which makes them really easy to seal. All you need to do is place sticker labels over the locked tabs, and you’re good to go. The only way to open the container is to rip open the labels.

Beverage Cups and Bottle Seals

Over-the-top safety seals are perfect for keeping lids closed on glass juice bottles and plastic soda cups. The seals are wrapped around the container’s body and over the lid until they link on the other side. Consumers will always know that these containers haven’t been tampered with.

To-Go Bag Seals

If you serve orders for large groups or each with multiple sides, you can choose to seal entire orders together rather than each item individually. The bags can be used with plastic or brown paper bags for more protection.

2. Choose Your Seal Material

Most label materials adhere to all types of packaging.

Paper-based labels are made for ease of removal. Although consumers will find them easy to tear off, they won’t hold up to contact with liquids, steam, and condensation.

Film-based labels won’t tear easily. They are difficult to remove and are durable and often waterproof.

Waterproof labels should last as long as you want in wet environments. They employ strong adhesives, so they’ll work well with any packaging material. Their film face sheets will protect the integrity of your label print info.

You can also go with tamper-evident void label material or self-destructive labels. These seals are designed to leave the word “VOID” on the package surface when removed. This makes tampering attempts very clear.

These materials come in many sizes and shapes so you can find the best ones for you.

3. Design the Print for Your Safety Seal

Creating print designs for food delivery seals makes your brand, business, and delivery process more professional. The label space makes it easy to reinforce your logo, branding, safety advice, or advertise new services and items.

You can also have the packager’s name, inspector, safe handling instruction, product details, or company contact information on the label.

Winding Down: Getting the Best Out of Your Labels

Once you’ve chosen the best labels for your products and the design, you need to consider how both complement other aspects of your brand and business.

Including other products or services and your logo goes a long way in marketing your brand. What’s more, the unboxing experience that comes with your products creates a familiar bond with your customers.

It would be best to brainstorm with your marketing team on the information you want on your labels. When you’re done, contact a professional label printing company to help you create the best labels possible.

You can order custom roll labels since this format is portable and makes it much easier in terms of application. All you have to do is get started; for your customers’ peace of mind, and your brand image, thus profits.

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