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Buying Cheap E-juice Online: Important Things To Remember

Thanks to E-commerce, you can now shop for whatever you want online and have it delivered to your doorstep -including E-juice. With a few clicks, you can browse through the web and find the best store online that sells E-juice.

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Buying E-juice online requires some level of diligence because the rise in the popularity of vaping worldwide has seen several online stores (good and bad) and open shops. Therefore, you should be cautious when you buy E-juice online. Buying cheap E-juice online is a different matter which is why we have put this post together. We will provide helpful tips to guide you in buying cheap E-juice online.

Is Buying Cheap E-juice Online Worth It?

The word “cheap” in almost any product is bound to have eyes rolling, and the usual consensus is that any cheap product must be of low quality. Even though that may sometimes be the case, it is not always so. There are some reasons why an online store may sell vape juice at an affordable price. Some of these reasons are:

To help new or regular products that are not doing too well

Sometimes an online store may decide to sell E-juice cheap because the product is relatively new on the market. Manufacturers can offer online stores new vape juice products at incredible discounts, and the store will also sell for a low price. The idea is to get exposure for the new product by selling it at a low price. 

Also, If some vape juice products are not doing well like others, the store may have to sell at a low price to generate sales.

Overstocked products

From time to time, an online store may have a large stock of E-juice. They may decide to reduce the price to sell them faster.

Competitive pricing

Manufacturers who want to get ahead of the next big vape juice company may offer a particular product or brand at low prices to attract customers.

If you buy cheap E-juice online, it is worth it if you follow the advice we provide below.

What to Remember When Buying Cheap E-juice Online

Consider the Flavor of the E-juice

A key consideration when buying cheap E-juice online is the flavor. Why? Because to get the best and most satisfactory vaping experience, you must like the flavor of the E-juice. If you don’t like the vape juice flavor or the taste is not hitting the mark, it doesn’t matter if you have the best vape juice deals online– your vaping experience will be subpar, and you won’t have much fun.

E-juices are available in various flavors like food, fruits, desserts, etc. The creamy flavors are an excellent choice to start with. If you’re unsure which flavor you’ll like, you can order your favorite fruit flavor to ensure you’re happy with your purchase.

Consider the VG and PG Mix in the Juice

VG and PG stand for “Vegetable Glycerine” and “Propylene Glycol.” E-juice is primarily composed of these two ingredients. The PG mix adds flavor and a better throat hit, while the VG mix gives more vapor. 

Choose VG as your base e-juice if you like your e-juice sweeter. Also, VG produces enormous clouds, which is ideal if you fancy vape tricks.

Alternatively, you can mix the two flavors if you want to try something different. Have fun experimenting with different ratios like 60:40, 50:50, or 70:30, and see what works best for you.

Know the Nicotine Content

Our third tip for buying cheap E-juice online is to consider the nicotine levels of the product. Users can also go for nicotine-free e-juices. This would help you to acclimatize to the vaping process gradually. 

After you have your routine down, you can gradually step up the dosages or go for a higher one. In addition, It’s essential to maintain adequate strength when using vape for medication purposes and then decrease the dose over time. 

Verify the Reputation of the Online Store

Whenever you buy cheap E-juice or any other vaping product online, it is crucial to consider the reputation of the store you are patronizing. Since you won’t meet your online seller and will not have a chance to examine or test the product before paying for it physically, it is crucial to know how trustworthy the online store is. 

To verify an online store, you may try to check the ratings and reviews on their website. Reviews will give you a good idea of how satisfied other customers are with the online store. It is also wise to check for customer complaints which can help you decide if you want to buy from the store.

The more credible the store, the more confidence you have in the quality of the E-juice – even though it is cheap.

Recheck the Ingredients

High-quality E-liquids should have as few ingredients as possible since added fillers can cause irritation to the lungs or indicate that the product is not pure. 

Ideally, all e-juices should contain either propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin since both are alcohols and none is composed of any oils. An e-juice can be infused with water to improve vapor production and texture. The final two ingredients are nicotine and natural or artificial flavors.

Look at the Packaging

You should carefully look at the product’s packaging before you purchase cheap E-juice online. Look at the seal to ensure that it is intact and there are no signs of tampering. This is because E-juice is a sensitive product, and once opened, it starts degrading.

You may want to obtain assurances regarding the security of packing before buying cheap E-juice online.


The bottom line is that you can buy cheap E-juice online and still have an enjoyable vaping experience, as long as you follow our tips and suggestions. It would be best to focus on picking a flavor you like, paying attention to the VG/PG ratio and nicotine content, and checking the store’s reputation.

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Happy Vaping!

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