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Best men’s grooming kit

In terms of grooming for men, We’ve never seen this much fun. Marketing jargon that’s not so trustworthy is being replaced with scientifically-backed credibility and that means the majority of what’s offered now actually accomplishes what’s stated on the label.

In the end, the market for bathroom shelves is growing rapidly and personal care has become an international business worth billions of pounds with the men who are who are responsible for a growing portion of all sales for toiletries. It’s a good thing it means fresher faces and faded flyers however, it also means more rubbish to filter through. This is why FashionBeans holds the annually held Grooming Awards.

Each year our editors and a panel of experts devotes months to scrubbering, shaving, and spraying to find the top gear that was made available in the last year. Some demand just loose change and promise awe-inspiring outcomes in exchange while others actually justify their high-end price. All of them be noticed in a highly competitive market, and offer results that make you appear at, smell and feel your best without making a fuss.


Most fragrances are built upon the foundation of ingredients. In the present, Italian fashion house Moschino is not common and it shouldn’t come as a surprise that their new, move-over and look-at me fragrance for 2019 is based upon the olfactory framework of the… T-shirt?

The scent stalwarts Bergamot along with Haitian vetiver blend beautifully with Indonesian clove, nutmeg, rose, pear, magnolia, Ambermax to create a scent which, when it won, practically took off and claimed the title.

Ian Taylor: “The bear isn’t your typical bottle of aftershave however, it is pretty cool when you take it out of the bathroom and onto the shelves instead. Wear it you’ll become the very first thing that people praise.”


It’s rare for a year to pass without Molton Brown winning an award, and with the right reasons. Molton Brown has been creating heavy-hitter fragrances for over 50 years. This year, it did the impossible by creating an extremely wearable scent that can be used from day to night, year-round and deservedly earning it an appearance in this year’s Awards.


Clarins believed that it was onto be a positive thing when they launched not just one, but three fresh moisturizers for males this year. In between a cream that is richer and lighter fluids available offered Clarins’s clear as well as non-smooth Super Moisture Balm is just about to beat the two other products to the top of the list, providing the ultimate all-weather, year-round product that’s simply amazing.

Dr Tijion Esho: “This is an ultra-smooth non-greasy balm that soothes instantly on impact due to the organic ingredients in its base such as bison grass, which is known for its soothing properties.”


Do not be fooled by snake oils, the Clinique’s new moisturizing cream comes with real science that is based on facial appearance. The Maximum Hydrator product doesn’t just hydrate facial skin from outside, but distributes moisture across all layers of the dermis, allowing your skin to remain and hydrated. It’s pretty cool, isn’t it?


After years of leading the arms race in the bathroom to include more blades in the razors, Gillette has finally gone back to basic. Gillette’s SkinGuard invention is made up of two precisely-positioned shock-absorbing blades that are placed on to either side of a mounting guard that not only raises hairs that are ready to cut, but regulates the pressure of your hands to skin, and keeps it smooth during cuts.

This is logical when you consider it less blades, less pull on hair. This is a great solution for people who are prone to skin irritation.

Mark Maciver “Definitely the best a man can get.”


Inspired by the style of the iconic Aston Martin, it’s not hard to comprehend the reason Bolin Webb’s X1 Matte razor was so well-liked by our panel of judges. It’s not the most light touch to your wallet, but don’t think at it just as a thing to use for shaving It’s an item of design kit you’ll love having inside your bath for a long time.


Erections on demand. After we’ve gotten your focus, it’s time to present to you Manual. One of a new breed of wellness-slash-healthcare brands, the London-based firm launched this year poised for battle against British men’s body-related bugbears.

Alongside its treatments delivered directly to you to treat erectile dysfunction and hair loss the grooming products are well-designed and efficient that it is comprised of only three products. A shampoo that is a standalone product made of biotin, caffeine, and saw palmetto; two moisturisers, one for morning use and one for night.

In a space that is crowded Manual’s method of operation is refreshing. If you are a frequent traveler and don’t wish to carry the entire bathroom on your travels, or simply find it difficult to stick to a complicated skincare routine to be quite an effort Give Manual’s approach an attempt.


Even if it were possible to indulge with a hefty dose every single day however, we shouldn’t be obliged to. Primarily because Paco Rabanne keeps delivering amazing scents.

The scent follows the exquisitely crafted manner in 1Million in the footsteps of 1Million and Invictus, Pure XS Night is a sultry blend of a sharp ginseng and ginger juxtaposed with warm and full of cacao, cinnamon and vanilla, all set on top of a platform of caramel. We’re beginning to wonder if these men are able to create the perfect blockbuster scent.

Oliver Proudlock “I am in love with the warm scent and the soft leather-like finish. It’s perfect for evening wear.”


After launching over 100 different versions of L’Eau d’Issey since 1992, we can safely say that the team at Issey Miyake are aware of the way to go. The latest version is a departure from the norm and features big wood notes that are smack into mid-synthetical areas of the fragrance, as in their usual place at the bottom. Instead of an overwhelming earthy flavor, look for to smell like an evening stroll through the woods thanks to a dose of grapefruit.


We’ve come quite an extended distance from using clamshells for tweezing hairs from our faces (ouch). Today, we’re equipped with tools like the compact Fold Out Trimmer from the Remington Heritage line. This beautiful product beat its stand-alone hair trimmer rivals on the basis that it also gives exact grooming for neck contours, brows ears, edging, and other typically difficult bits.

Ruth Newman: “This is a really great trimmer, efficient to use and nice packaging.”


It’s nice to have a product that looks great and is easy to clean and provides consistent cutting is what we expect from a trimmer for beards. Yet, it’s astonishing that so many brands are unable to do the job right. We thank the gods of barbering at Braun and for their latest product. As with all trimmers, we don’t have any idea what the numbers mean, but we can assure you that this one has every box.

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