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Baseball Trivia

Major League Baseball, America’s national game since the 19th Century, is the oldest of four major professional leagues in the USA and Canada. There are more than 2,400 games each season so there is plenty of baseball trivia to enjoy!

Baseball is loved by millions of people around the globe and has a huge fan base. It’s thrilling to be able to cheer on your favorite team at a match. It’s also exhilarating watching the match live with your family and praying for the next homerun. These are some common facts about baseball. Did you know the names of some well-known baseball teams such as the New York Yankees and St. Louis Cardinals? We were inspired by our Soccer trivia and Hockey trivia articles, so we created this Baseball trivia set to test the memory of baseball fans around the world. Continue reading to find out the modern baseball trivia. Are you going to get caught? Or hit a homerun? Let’s take a look at the most interesting baseball trivia to learn more about this exciting game.

Fun Baseball Trivia

Many baseball games are held in St. Louis or Kansas City. Lou Gehrig and Barry Bonds are some of the most famous players. Hank Aaron, Hank Aaron, Willie Mays and Cy Young are also among them. Let’s see how many trivia questions you can answer.

1. Question: Who and when was the first World Series?

Answer: 1903, Pittsburg, and Boston

2. Question: Which team won 26 World Series titles in a row?

Answer: New York Yankees

3. Question: Who holds the record for most RBI’s and home runs in World Series history?

Answer: Mickey Mantle (right fielder for the Yankees),

4. Question: Which player won the National League MVP award seven consecutive times?

Answer: Barry Bonds

5. Question: Where can I find the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum in Washington, D.C.

Answer: Cooperstown in New York

6. Question: What was the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum established?

Answer: 1935 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of baseball

7. Question: In what year did the White Sox begin?

Answer: 1894

8. Question: How many games can you play in a season of football?

Answer: 162

9. Question: How many innings is Baseball?

Answer: 9

10. Question: How many people are in the game?

Answer: 9

11. Question: What is the average weight of a baseball?

Answer: Between 5 and 5.25 ounces

12. Question: When was it that the first professional baseball game was aired on T.V. Question: When was the first professional baseball game aired on T.V.

Answer: August 26, 1936

13. Question: Who’s the wealthiest player?

Answer: Alex Rodriquez

14. Question: From where did this game come?

Answer: America and London

15. Question: Who was the first woman to enter the Baseball Hall of Fame?

Answer: Effa Louise Manley

16. Question: Where can I find the oldest baseball field anywhere in the world?

Answer: Labatta Park, London, Ontario, Canada

17. Question: Who are the oldest Baseball players?

Answer: Leroy Robert ‘Satchel’ Paige

18. Question: Who is the Olympic winner with the greatest number of winnings?

Answer: Cuba

19. Question: Name the film that was made in honor of Babe Ruth.

Answer: Headin’ home

20. 20.

Answer: September 28, 1919 between New York City and Philadelphia

21. 21.

Answer: Pablo Sandoval

22. 22.

Answer: South Williamsport (PA)

23. Question: Who was the 2014 National League Championship MVP?

Answer: Madison Bumgraner

24. Question: Who is the Baseball player also known as ‘Pronk?

Answer: Travis Hafner

25. Question: Which baseball player was born in Osaka Japan?

Answer: Hideo nomo

26. Question: Which team ended the 2014 season with the greatest record in Major League Baseball?

Answer: Los Angeles Angels Of Anaheim

27. 27.

Answer: Ben Zobrist

28. 28.

Clayton Kershaw is the answer

29. 29.

Answer: San Francisco Giants

30. 30.

Answer: Boston Red Sox

Random Baseball Trivia

These are random curveballs that you might be able to hit.

31. 31.

Answer: Tony LaRussa

32. 32.

Answer: John Conlan

33. Question: Which Major League Baseball team had the worst 2014 season?

Answer: Arizona Diamondbacks

34. Question: Who was the first to reach 50 home runs and 50 doubles within a single season?

Answer: Albert Belle

35. Question: In what decade did the Boston Red Sox win their two World Series titles?

Answer: 1910s

36. Question: Who was first to hit 30 home runs during a single season?

Answer: Babe Ruth

37. Question: Who is the first person to score 700 runs in history?

Answer: Babe Ruth

38. Question: In 1975, the baseball team scored its 1,000,000th win in history. What team was responsible for this milestone?

Answer: Houston Astros

39. Question: Who was the player who was responsible for the 1983 “Pine Tar Incident?”

Answer: George Brett

40. 40.

Answer: Reggie Jackson

41 41

Answer: Square

42. Question: Who was the College Hoops player at the University of Cincinnati in the Baseball Hall of Fame?

Answer: Sandy Koufax

43. 43.

Answer: Steve Carlton

44. Question: Who was historically the first to join the 500 home run club?

Answer: Babe Ruth

45 45.

Answer: Walter Johnson

46 Question: In what year was the National League founded?

Answer: 1876

47. Question: Which team lost 100 games the first time in 2004?

Answer: Arizona

48. Question: Who won 16 Gold Gloves for a pitcher?

Answer: Jim Kaat

49. Question: Who is the first to hit 50 home runs in four seasons consecutively?

Answer: Mark McGwire

50 Question: Which team won 1972 World Series? Was Gene Tenace the Series MVP?

Answer: Oakland Athletics

51 51.

Answer: Detroit Tigers

52 52.

Answer: 8

53 53.

Answer: Josh Beckett

54. 54.

Answer: Sandy Koufax

55 Question: Who was 2003’s first Major League pitcher to win at least 20 games?

Answer: Roy Halladay

56 Question: Which Major League Baseball team called Seattle their hometown?

Answer: Pilots

57. Question: Who was the 1st baseman to retire after collecting 11 Gold Gloves.

Answer: Keith Hernandez

58. Question: Who was the first World Series home runner to hit Yankee stadium in 1923?

Answer: Casey Stengel

59. Question: Who was the oldest of the two great pitching brothers Gaylord and Jim Perry?

Answer: Jim

60 60.

Answer: New York Yankees

The Hardest Baseball Trivia!

Was it too simple for you? Here are some trivia facts that will get you a hit!

61. Question: Whitey Ford spent his entire career with which team?

Answer: New York Yankees

62. Question: Which team won the first 75 games of the 2003 season?

Answer: Atlanta Braves

63. Question: Who was 2003’s first player to score 35 doubles in a season?

Answer: Todd Helton


Answer: Atlanta

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