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Top 5 Counterstrike Global Offensive CS:GO Defenses

Counterstrike Global Offensive is a wildly popular CS:GO game that has so many different strategies and tactics you can use. In CS:GO, one of the most important things to learn is how to defend your own territory from being invaded by terrorists. Terrorists have 5 different ways they can invade your base, but there are also five great CS:GO defenses that will help keep them out! Here are the top 5 Counterstrike Global Offensive defenses that will help you win more games.

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5. Stacked Bombs (Three Stacks)

For this Counterstrike Global Offensive defense, what you need to do is put three C4s on any bombsite of your choice. So if it’s a B site, plant 3 C4s there.

The reason these defense works is that when the terrorists run by the bombsite, they will see three C4s stacked together and think it’s only one! This will make them hesitate for a second, which gives you time to pull out your gun and shoot all of them. You can use this even if you don’t have armor because if you are skilled enough, you will be able to kill all three terrorists before they can even pick up their guns.

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4. Stacked Smoke (A Site)

This defense is not only great for faking the other team out, but it’s also great for stopping rushes where they might try to run right through the smoke.

What you need to do is put a smoke in the corner of A site and stack another one on top of it. When the terrorists run through the smoke, it will look like there are two smokes blocking their vision. What happens next is that they get lost and don’t know which way to go or who to shoot! This Counterstrike Global Offensive defense will give you precious seconds to pull out your gun and shoot the terrorists.

3. Stacked HE Grenades (B Site)

This is one of the most used smokes in CS:GO, and for good reason – it looks so cool! Keep in mind that with this stacked smoke you can’t see anything inside, so you have to be confident that nobody will rush through it.

You need three HE grenades for this defense, just like the Stacked Bombs defense above. Put them on top of each other and throw them so they land right in front of the B bombsite. This looks great because the terrorists won’t see it coming. They will run right through the smokes and throw their own grenades, but by that time you’ll already be shooting them.

2. Fake Stacks (Three Smokes)

This is an even better version of the Stacked Smoke defense above because there are three smokes stacked on top of each other instead of just one! If someone runs straight through the smokes, they’ll be so confused by how many there are and what’s going on.

To do this Counterstrike Global Offensive defense, all you need to do is put three smokes in a triangle formation and throw them towards the A bombsite. You can use simple line-of-sight smoke grenades for this or even molotovs if you want.

1. The Drop (Two Smokes)

The drop is one of the best tactics in CS:GO because it’s a super-effective way to fool the other team into thinking they’re not going to get killed by a bomb, when in fact they are! This Counterstrike Global Offensive defense is really easy to do and takes almost no money. You can even use your starting pistol to do it (although you should buy grenades if the other team is rushing you).

What you need to do is throw two smokes on top of each other, then run through them. The terrorists will rush in right behind you thinking that the smokes are blocking their vision, when in fact you’ve already lined them up and are waiting behind a wall.

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