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EA Cricket 2007 Download

Is it true that you are hoping to download the most genuine cricket match-up for your PC? Assuming it’s an indeed, you’ve landed right. Ea Sports Cricket 07 – 15 years old game, and as yet being searched on the leading search motor i.e Google. It clearly shows that it’s One of the best cricket match-up of the Era. Read on to know the features or probably click on the download button to head over to the cricket 07 download area.

Aside from being in the rundown of most established cricket match-ups for PC, this game likewise lies in the heart of numerous gamers. It’s one of their number one beloved recollections. Do you know? Cricket 07 is being evaluated as one of the most incredible cricket match-up for pc (by InsideCricSport and numerous others)

Please Note: This blog isn’t only a blog that shows you a portion of the prerequisites of the game and furthermore little outline, it’s more profound than that, so make a point to read the entire article and in the event that you like it, give it an offer.

Before we jump into the C07 game, here’s something worth focusing on…

This is the Game that welcomed RK Cricket Studios on the Internet in 2018.

Back in 2016, I downloaded this game and from that time, it’s as yet on my PC and I play it each and every day (By adding new mods and recreating Innings and Matches)

I trust it’s the most Addictive cricket match-up. You might have seen my recordings which develops around this game as it were.

In any case, presently let me share some astonishing details and realities about the game…

Details and Facts about Ea Sports Cricket 07

Here are Some details to knock your socks off, and furthermore to make my statement.

Cricket 07 game has 4M+ Downloads

In excess of 15,000 positive decisions in favor of Cricket 07 game

Indeed, even in 2020, in excess of 50,000 dynamic gamers are playing this cricket match-up each and every day (by applying mods like IPL19, WC19, and so forth)

These days High Graphics, nitty gritty arenas, new Innovations, and so on features are requested by gamers. Fortunately many cricket match-ups are accessible with significantly more nitty gritty and Improved designs, yet prepare to be blown away.

No game has surpassed Cricket 07 game and a little credit goes to modders.

Indeed, you heard that right. Quality Mods (Patches) for Cricket 07 are the no.1 reason that this game is still alive(I have referenced with regards to mods and modders later in this article)

Cricket 07 Game Developers

Nothing to present with regards to EA, as it’s one of the top gaming organization and everybody knows about quality games created by EA Sports.

Released in November 2006

Created by HB Studios

Distributed by Ea Sports

Downloaded by Millions ��� 

Oh no! Assuming you thought I’m going to list the names of Cricket 07 engineers, you weren’t right. I do have that rundown, however posting those 100+ individuals will make this an exceptionally extended post.

To stay away from it, I have recently referenced that it’s created by HB Studios.

At any rate, you may already realize that Cricket 07 game is accessible for the two Windows and Play Station. Not android.

So clients searching for cricket 07 for android might get disillusioned. In any case, I might want to share one thing extremely clear that the recordings that tells the best way to download and introduce EA Sports cricket 07 on android are phony recordings.

Indeed, you heard that right. You can attempt however many time as you need yet the outcome will be the equivalent i.e you can’t get the C07 game on your android.

I have seen numerous recordings on Youtube that shows this, however none of the strategies worked for me and I accept they are phony recordings made only for acquiring a few perspectives

The main concern is Cricket 07 game is a Windows game (works best on Windows 7) and not the android game. Note: It’s likewise viable with the most recent form of (Windows 8 and Windows 10).

That were quite clear lines, right?

Download Link

In any case, presently how about we investigate it’s New Features…

Cricket 07 Game Features

Ea has made Lot of Improvements and added some new features to this C07 game. Here I have recorded down the top features of Cricket 07.

New Realistic Stadiums

Further developed Graphics and Controller

Player Creation and Editing Options

Worldwide and Domestic Teams (Aus/Eng)

Significant International and Domestic Tournaments and THE ASHES

They have included 25 New Stadiums with Day/Night feature alongside pitch varieties.

Much preferable Graphics + Easy Controller over EA’s Cricket 2005

Another feature added – You can create your own player and allocate abilities you need, likewise you can pick your own bat

Worldwide and Domestic teams are added so one can partake in a wide scope of International and Domestic competitions

The Ashes – Enjoy the Scenarios of Ashes 2005

Note: I have quite recently given an outline of the features, there are significantly more features that you’ll get the flavor of it when you download and play it.

Outline/Gameplay of Cricket 07

EA SPORTS CRICKET 2007 PC Game has different game organizations actually like the worldwide configurations. They are – restricted overs matches (50, 20, 10 or 5 overs), 4-day top notch matches, and full-length test matches (5 days).

You can pick unmistakable pitches like hard pitches, wet pitches, green pitches, and so on and distinctive weather conditions at various areas.

Numerous International arenas are accessible, similar to the Eden Gardens in India or Lord’s in England with the astounding strong group and astonishing presentation promotions. You can totally change the arenas from 2007 to 2019 look, essentially by adding the arena’s fix.

Likewise, it incorporates basic stroke play (shots, drives), alongside the presentation of the High dramatization Ashes segment and further developed player the executives.

The frill like Kits, shoes, bats, gloves, sweat towels, and so forth gives the best insight to a player. Their streak of disappointments has broken as this game has multiple Million downloads.

In any case, Sadly, Ea has quit delivering cricket match-ups.

The neglect of the game is extremely straightforward and easy to comprehend.

One can easily get to every one of the features it gives with no information regarding how to begin anything in Cricket 07.

Visits and Tournaments in Cricket 07

This C07 game gives loads of competitions dependent on level i.e International competitions and Domestic competitions

Here I have recorded down the International Tournaments gave in C07

Big showdown

Knockout Cup

World Series

Test Series


You can play this load of competitions with any of the International teams referenced underneath.

Global Teams in Cricket 07

Australia | Bangladesh | Bermuda | Canada | England

India | Ireland | Kenya | Namibia | Netherlands

New Zealand | Pakistan | Scotland | Srilanka

South Africa | United States | West Indies | Zimbabwe

Assuming you need to play at a more modest level then the Domestic competitions are best for you.

Also, these homegrown competitions are nation explicit, you’ll get two alternatives in the Domestic Section.

Australian State Cricket

Britain State Cricket


Next to every one of these International and Domestic competitions you’ll get The Ashes and Scenarios.

As we as a whole think about the remains i.e the contention series among Australia and England. This is one of the extraordinary features that make cricket 07 an extra-conventional cricket match-up.

It Contains Scenarios and remains series of the year 2005-2006.

This remains series is loaded with thrill and energy, as you will play this cinders series with the legends of the two teams like Ricky Ponting, Cook, Adam Gilchrist, and so forth and that too in their home ground!

Do play this English Australian contention competition on your Pc and get an astounding encounter. Here is the disregard of Ashes Menu…

Necessities for EA Sports Cricket 07 Game

Glad to get such information about cricket 07, isn’t that so? Presently look at the framework necessities of this game.

Framework Requirements of Cricket 07 Game

Computer chip: Pentium III, Intel center team 2

Smash: 256 MB

Operating system: Windows [XP/7/8/10]

DirectX Version : 9.0c

Free Disk Space: 1.2 GB

Video Card: Direct X 9.0c Compatible

The main necessity matters are the plate space as this C07 game and its patches are a little large in size. Additionally, observe the patches’ prerequisites.

Patches Requirements

Unique Cricket 2007

Refreshed Roster Files

Fix Files and Batpack (without Errors)

You need the previously mentioned necessities for a large portion of the patches and furthermore you can snatch these gamepads to upgrade your gaming experience.

Download Link

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