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Things You Should Know If You Are Being Investigated For a Crime

Legal Tip 1. Do not talk to the police

It doesn’t matter if you’re innocent or guilty. However, it is never in your best interest to speak to the police. Talking to the police has helped many innocent clients make mistakes. You can have your words, your body language, and even your physical characteristics misconstrued and misinterpreted in a variety of ways. It is unlikely that you will be able to talk yourself out of being taken into custody, no matter how innocent or good your words are. Read about Being Investigated For a Crime below. You can always consider as one of the best Criminal Defense attorneys to hire.

It’s a pleasure for police officers to hear from suspects. This allows them to obtain a confession or what they believe to be one from the suspect. Once the confession is received, the case is typically closed and no further investigation is required. To get a confession, police officers can use many different tactics. Police officers have been known to claim that they have DNA evidence when in fact there is none. They claim to have an eyewitness, but there is none.

When there was none, they allegedly had confessions from co-defendants. Officers have used these tactics for years to get suspects to confess to a crime. You can lie to police officers. An officer lying to you is not illegal. If a police officer promises you something, don’t believe them. Even if they promise not to Manatee County arrests or charge you, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they won’t. Only the U.S. attorney or district attorney can enforce agreements or deals.

Legal Tip 2. Do not talk to anyone about the FACTS or ALLEGATIONS

Anybody you speak to, except your attorney, can be subpoenaed to testify at your trial. You can compel anyone you talk to, including your best friend, girlfriend, or relative, to testify before the Court or the Jury. The officer may call a relative or friend of the victim to confront you about the allegations. The conversation can then be recorded and used against you in Court. It is normal to assume that anyone who speaks with you about the allegations will record the conversation. More confidential informants are being used by law enforcement than ever before. It is impossible to know who is working alongside the police. Most important point in our list of Being Investigated For a Crime.

sould Know If You Are Being Investigated For a Crime

Legal Tip 3. Do not consent to any search.

You should never consent to any search of your house, car, or person. This applies regardless of whether you are innocent or guilty or not. Most times, officers ask for your permission to search because there is not enough probable cause to warrant the search.

Don’t be afraid if they threaten to get a search warrant for Orange County mugshots. Demand that they get the warrant. You may not have enough evidence to get the warrant. They may not have enough evidence to obtain a search warrant if they keep pressing for your consent.

Legal Tip 4. Do not leave your home.

You are not required to speak to an officer who comes to your home to discuss your concerns. The officer may ask you to leave your home to have a conversation. Do not leave your home! This is usually done to arrest you. They cannot enter your home to arrest you if you do not have a warrant.

Don’t invite the officer to your home. They will be able to arrest you, and they will also take notes about anything that they find in your home. Don’t open the door. Talk through the door. An officer might interpret your opening of the door as your consent to be entered into your home.

Legal Tip 5

Don’t call your family lawyer. Don’t call your business attorney. Call a seasoned criminal defense attorney. Make sure that they are members of the National Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys. You should ensure that they dedicate at least half of their practice to criminal defense. Make sure they are familiar with the most difficult cases and have a track record of success in criminal trials.

Tip 6. Do not lie to the police

Lying to police could result in additional criminal charges, and in certain cases, even your Polk County mugshots. It is not necessary to speak to the police. It is better to tell the police absolutely nothing than to lie.

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