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Counter strike Condition Zero Setup.exe

Counter Strike Condition Zero

Counter-Strike Condition Zero (CSZ: CZ), a first-person shooter videogame, is the sequel to Counter-Strike. The GoldSrc engine was used to release the game, which was available in both retail stores and Steam. Condition Zero includes a multiplayer mode that features updated character models and textures as well as maps and other graphical tweaks. No matter how you buy it, it comes with Counter-Strike. Read more about Counter strike Condition Zero Setup below.

Condition Zero, unlike other Counter-Strike games has a single-player mission pack. This allows the player to unlock maps and more efficient bots by meeting certain requirements while playing Counter-Terrorist. These objectives include “kill 3 enemies using a Clarion 5.56” and “win a round within 45 seconds.” This mode of play is called Tour of Duty.

Deleted Scenes is a single-player mission pack. Condition Zero is currently the only franchise game that offers a single-player campaign.

Although Condition Zero is well-known for its introduction of the Counter-Strike bot in their games, the Xbox version was the first to have it.

According to GameSpy, Counter-Strike Condition Zero was the most popular Half-Life modification as of April 15, 2009.


Game mode

Counter-Strike Condition Zero was created to provide a single-player Counter Strike experience. It has more in-depth single player modes than any other entry in the series. There are two single-player modes and the traditional multiplayer mode.

Solo-player — Tour of Duty

The main single-player mode of the game is Tour of Duty. This mode allows players to play standard multiplayer maps in an arcade-like single player experience. It is similar to regular multiplayer games, but the game uses the new bot AI. This allows for the possibility to have team mates or enemies. There are a set number of objectives for each map, which can include killing enemies or saving hostages. The objectives usually have restrictions, such as the need to complete the objective with a particular weapon or within a specified time limit. Once these objectives have been completed, players earn reputation points. Reputation points can be used to unlock new maps or to recruit better team members.

The game now supports custom campaigns. Numerous unofficial campaigns have been published online since the support was released.

Single-player — Deleted Scenes

Main article: Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Deleted Scenes

As a bonus, the Deleted Scenes section of the game is also included. This section contains major pieces of Ritual Entertainment’s work on the current version of the game. This game mode has major differences from the Counter-Strike multiplayer or Tour of Duty modes in terms of game mechanics and weapon balanced. This game is more linear than Counter-Strike’s multiplayer games.


Although it was initially planned that Counter-Strike players could cross-compare with players from Condition Zero,[2] they now have separate multiplayer communities. This is a controversial move. The multiplayer game is essentially identical to the original Counter-Strike.

The ability to add bots on servers is a major difference. These bots work much the same way as regular players and can be added to servers. A server administrator can choose how many bots they wish to add to a server. This allows you to play multiplayer games solo, without the need for bots.

The Free Download Counter Strike Condition Zero PC Game counter-strike-condition-zero-pc-game is in reality a one player shooting game which is basically related to the other counter hit games. The counter strike condition zero compacted 2016 game is the exact same mist game. This game, however, has been updated with new graphics that match the latest-fangled games. You can also download Counter Strike 1.6 PC Game if you are interested in other shooting steam games. Counter Strike Global Offensive PC Game is also available.

We will now talk about the Free Download Counter Strike Condition Zero PC Game Overview. This counter strike condition Zero Steam Download will give you the original steam key of counter strike situation zero steam download full. You will also experience some adaptations in this game, which will make your game play more enjoyable. You will also find the latest in character customization and advanced weapon gaming in this game.

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How do I install Counter Strike Condition Zero?

Download the game first. Then extract the file using Winrar.

Double-click on “Setup”, then open the “Condition Zero Condition Zero” folder. Extract it and begin installation.

Double-click on “Czero Maps Setup”, to extract the full file.

After that, open the folder in which you installed the game.

Double-click on the “czero” icon in default folder to start the game.

You’re done!

The Latest Features:

Creative 3D game graphics

Shooting game for one person

You can play it on multiplayer.

Terrorists and counter-terrorists attack.

There are new guns and weapons being added all the time.

Minimum System requirements for Counter Strike Condition Zero:

You must have the counter strike condition zero working on your computer or laptop. It is important to verify its system requirements.

Ram: Minimum 256 MB

Disk space: 610 MB

Operating System: Windows 7, 8, and 8.1, 10,

Graphics: 256MB and higher

Directx7 and above

Instructions for Installation

Click the link below to download the game.

Right-click on the file you have downloaded and click Extract here.

Winrar is required to extract files.

First, read the “Readme First-Instructions” File. Then, follow them.

Double-click on Setup.exe for installation.

If it asks you for a key, copy the key from “Serial key“.

Play the game.


Counter strike Condition Zero Setup.exe


File Size: 535MB

Click here to download the complete game

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