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Gifts For Plant Lover

What are you searching for gift ideas for plant lovers? I’m guessing once you learned you could buy plants online mid-quarantine, you went wild figuring out how to grow your own vegetables and tending to your herb garden. You may have even become a helicopter-plant parent. You may have even tried out new methods of propagating your scallions. Maybe you’ve had your first bite of homegrown tomatoes, or you’ve wiped your fiddle leaf fig’s leaves clean for months. You’re now in love all things gardening.

It’s true that you wouldn’t have thought to give or register for plant gifts prior to the pandemic. It’s true that you’re now getting married or attending a wedding as a different person from you were in 2019, but you’re still a plant person. Keep the gardening streak going or growing! With a new love-struck plant, you can last long past the pandemic boom. (It is disgusting. You know that we had to do this.

Where do you start? The Sill, Bloomscape, and The Sill are great options for online purchasing of plants. From a registry standpoint, Zola has everything you could need to outfit your home in greenery as well, including plants, planters, and gardening tools. Etsy offers a variety of seed packets, as well handmade planters. And, perhaps surprisingly, Amazon is a big winner in the gifts for plant lovers category, especially if you browse Costa Farms, one of the most reliable online nurseries available through the retailer.

Below are some gifts we love.

The greenery

Start with a relatively low-maintenance plant such as the fiddle leaf fig if you’re new to gardening or are buying for a loved one who is. Or you can go for the popular millennial plant, the monstera. The charmingly squiggle-leafed bird’s-nest Fern can be gifted. If your plant-loving friend is afraid that they might forget to water the new plant, you can choose an easygoing succulent or aloe. If space is limited, consider a hanging plant or petite air plant. Etsy has a lot of cute seed packets. These can be used as a symbol for planting a houseplant in a marriage or to create an indoor garden.

The planter pots & plant stands

The pot is just as important indoor plants as the plant. This is especially true when you have a large varietal such as a fiddle leaf or grown-up oleander. These attractive, but neutral options in wood or terra-cotta are great gifts for any interior design taste. Multilevel plant stands are great for couples who have lots of pots. A DIY terrarium kit includes succulents and sand as well as cacti soil. This makes an excellent gift, but it can also double as a project.

The gardening tools

A slim-spouted watering system can come in handy and look great around the house. To give your plants more artificial sunlight, you may want to invest in a grow lamp. Consider adding to your gardening registry an assortment of tools, or at least this hori hoori, which Wilder Davies (staff writer) swears by over all other gardening tools.

Calathea ‘Medallion’

Calatheas are a slightly more difficult plant than a total beginner (we have ideas for those below), but they are not as difficult as you might think. “Visually, they’re super-appealing, so it’s a nice change from a really lovely bouquet of flowers,” says Erin Marino, director of brand marketing at the Sill. Marino states that these plants are just as bright and colorful as traditional bouquets. However, they can be grown in moderate lighting. “They definitely have a beautiful look and texture to them, and it’s a great way of bringing in color,” says Rebecca Bullene, founder of Greenery NYC. “Many of them (like the Medallion variety) have purple coloring at the underside of their leaves.”

Bullene explains that Calatheas are called “prayer plants” due to the fact that their leaves can open and close according to the light and time. They require watering only once every 7-10 days, depending on how the light conditions. Marino said that calatheas are a great option for pet friends, as they are completely nontoxic and considered pet-safe by the ASPCA.

Costa Farms ZZ Plant

ZZ plants are another excellent option for beginners. Ries notes that ZZ plants do not need to be watered if they are traveling frequently. Bullene, however, says ZZ plants are extremely drought-tolerant since they are native Africans. It’s an ideal plant for someone who travels frequently or is going to forget about watering for a few weeks.

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