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Best men’s pea coat

A popular American favourite since the 1800s, the peacoat was first introduced to be a coat designed for cold weather for sailors. The original design was made from thick and durable wool to be worn by sailors in the Dutch Navy, the peacoat’s comfortable fit and flared short tails made getting up the ship’s rigging during inclement weather more comfortable for sailors. The simple design of the peacoat as well as its apparent practicality led to its adoption in the British Navy which was quickly followed with the Americans.

The peacoat changed from being a piece of military clothing to the unabashed staple of wardrobe that it is today. The coat’s cut and shape can be worn by all body types, and its weatherproofing and warmth is practical when paired with classic styling for fall as well as early spring.

Our selection criteria for the top men’s jackets on materials, weatherproofing as well as durability, cut and the color. This list offers a wide range of options, so that you will be able to find one that matches your preferences, style, and budget.

J.Crew Dock Peacoat

J.Crew is a brand known for its top quality items that last for years, if not for a life time. Its Crew Dock Peacoat is no exception. Made using a wool and polyamide blend that includes Primaloft internal insulation for added warmth, this coat is warm and doesn’t require any weight. The double-breast design, generously-sized buttons and a looser fit ensure that this particular jacket can be worn by almost everyone, while looking stylish.

The biggest issue here is on the aspect of weatherproofing. It’s all about wool’s base which is great since it’s natural and effective. For slimmer men, take a size smaller or ensure they test on before buying.

Nautica Wool Melton Peacoat

This jacket by Nautica has a loose fitted, double-breasted and constructed of a wool-blend and looks fantastic on nearly any person. The thing that really stands out, however, is in the price. For those who require an affordable option to dress up for winter, you cannot go wrong with this choice.

Although Nautica is a fantastic brand, a coat that costs $50 could last only one or two seasons, so prepare for the possibility. If you’re looking for a coat that’s durable, this is an excellent purchase for the man who has money in his pocket.

Todd Snyder + Private White Manchester Wool Cashmere Peacoat

Todd Snyder paired its gentlemanly sense of style with Private White’s knowledge of outerwear to create this luxurious version of the iconic peacoat. The coat is constructed of a wool-cashmere mix The coat is lightweight soft and cozy. Both the exterior and interior pockets are constructed using military-grade RIRI zippers, and are covered with fine corduroy needles. The massive collar can be opened up, securing your face and neck from even the strongest winds.

Mission Workshop The Bridgeman : LT Peacoat

Mission Workshop, known for its wide selection of weatherproof outerwear, has designed its Bridgeman: the LT using a single layers of top-quality Schoeller softshell fabric, this makes it not only the water-resistant and most durable peacoat on this list but also also the most stretchy and breathable. It is ideal for riding bikes or walking in chilly conditions, the strength of this coat is in its stylish design as well as its practicality and its durability.

Jack & Jones Originals Peacoat

Beyond the dark black color, this peacoat is available in a subtle gray huethat is great for dressing up to go with the monotone winter days. Made of 95 percent polyester, the supple fabric gives it a comfy informal shape, which makes the design more akin to an oversized cardigan rather than a peacoat. The peacoat is comfortable enough for winter months and comes with a back vent in the center so it doesn’t become too hot when the weather shifts.

Schott Melton Wool-Blend Peacoat

It is made in the USA with 32 ounces. Melton wool-blend The Schott Melton peacoat features a narrow double-breast, and straight cut from the shoulder to the hip. For those with larger frames, you’ll be delighted by the way this coat flatters and draws attention on the shoulders. The inside features a cushioned and a polyester lining that provides comfort and warmth, while the buttons have an anchor etching. This adds an authentic look to this highly American product.

Rodd & Gunn Horsham Downs Peacoat

The style is more sporty style, more blazer-like end of the peacoat range, this Horsham Downs peacoat has an elevated Italian wool-blend melange twill material, which adds a soft feel to the jacket. The flaps on the outside of the pockets give this coat a unique look which makes it a fantastic alternative to the traditional suit jacket to wear to wear for an outdoor formal event or date. The only drawback to this coat is the varying hue; the coat appears to be dappled and could be perceived as unflattering to its overall design.

Brooks Brothers Golden Fleece Peacoat

Italian all the way through The Golden Fleece Peacoat is constructed from water-resistant mouline wool that is woven by the Italian Loro Piana mill. The wool’s softness allows the coat feel more like a sweater of the coat, which makes it comfortable and not itchy. It’s highlighted with handmade Italian buttons as well as the soft shoulder to create an informal, more relaxed look.

L.L. Bean Wool Peacoat

Beloved brand for outdoor wear L.L. Bean isn’t just a boot maker It also happens to create a beautiful peacoat. Bean’s Wool-lined peacoat is constructed from 100 percent Italian wool and features a sturdy style in a black, navy hue. Thinsulate Insulation forms the interior lining that keeps your warm even on the coldest days.

This coat does have one drawback, however, and that’s very loose and has a longer fit. Slimmer or shorter men are advised to steer clear of this particular style, however for the rest of us this is an excellent choice.

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