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Wire Harness Design: An Introduction to Insulation

A wire harness design usually begins with engineers and experts assessing the machine or equipment it is intended for. The process of assembling a wire harness can be both done manually or by an automated machine. Most manufacturing companies rely on both types of methods to ensure the best quality for the production of most modern wiring harnesses. Since wiring harnesses are placed inside almost every kind of electronic device, to meet both standards and demands, meticulous assembly and testing need to take place within the production process.

What Does an Efficient Wire Harness Design Provide?

An efficient and effective wire harness design must be able to distribute or transmit electric signals throughout a machine or device. Typically, a harness is made up of numerous components that work together to control and maintain the flow of electricity within the conductors.

A complex piece of machinery such as a vehicle requires a more sophisticated and complex wire harness design. This is why most car companies today are doing their best to come up with advanced wiring solutions to keep up with the technological trends in the automotive industry.

Producing Quality Wire Harnesses

Companies today need to consider many factors when it comes to design and assembly. Depending on the industry, the practicality and feasibility of the materials that will be utilized must also be taken into account. The insulating material plays a huge role when it comes to reinforcing the conductors within each cable.

This is why selecting the right insulating material matters a lot especially when designing a harness for a machine that should work in a specific type of environment. There are different types of insulating materials that fall under different categories. Each type is fabricated specifically for different applications and is used in different kinds of industries.

Thermosetting Insulations

These types of insulating materials do not soften or change in form when exposed to extreme temperatures. They also have the ability to retain their form once it has been cured. However, although thermosetting materials do not melt when exposed to heat, it may wear out and harden over time. Thermosetting materials can handle high amounts of electrical loads and reduce the risk of short-circuiting the entire system. Common examples of thermosetting insulation materials are as follows:

  • XLP (cross-linked polyethylene)
  • Silicone
  • EPR (ethylene propylene rubber)

Thermoplastic Insulations

Unlike thermosetting materials, thermoplastic insulations tend to melt or soften when exposed to extremely high temperatures. Like common plastics, they are pliable and flexible. Thermoplastic materials, however, are more economical than thermosetting insulation and does not need to be cured. Common examples of thermoplastic insulation materials are as follows:

  • Nylon
  • PE (polyethylene)
  • PVC (polyvinyl chloride)

Overview Considering the type of insulating material is one of the most important parts of designing a wire harness. If you’re planning to come up with a custom harness, it’s important to assess the temperature and the environment where the unit will be installed. This would ensure the longevity and practicality of your wire harness design.

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