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Tips to Grab the Best Mixer In Singapore

More often than not, the Standard Mixer is what you need to improve your creativity in the kitchen and make your meals tasty. It is the top-handled mixer brand currently in the market in Singapore. It is a reliable device that enables chefs to bake tasty meals for their customers. A standard Mixer is designed to make the baking process seamless, besides the fact that a chef can make a variety of bakes easily.


• It has both low-speed and high-speed outlets

• It has a pulsing function

• It contains a steel mixing bowl with a capacity of 4.6L

• A wire whisk made of stainless steel

• Bowls coated with aluminium (dough hook and k-beater)

• 1000W

With such ingenuine features, this top handheld mixer brand in Singapore can increase one’s baking passion. The device’s versatility can make an individual want to bake on and on.


Weight- 7.3 kilograms

Power consumption- 1000W

Size- 30 x 28 x 38

Material used in body- metal brushed with die cast

Material used for the bowl- stainless steel that is brushed

Materials used to make tools in the bowls- aluminium coated with non-stick substance

Colour- Silver

Speed- Variable

Contents of the Box

• A Dough Hook

• A Wire Whisk

• K-Beater

Caters for All Your Baking Needs

The top handheld mixer brand in Singapore often makes their Standard Mixers in 4.6L containing aluminum baking bowls, a dough hook, and a k-beater that enable a perfect baking process. These tools ensure that the bakes coming from the device are in perfect shape and taste.

The Small Mixer is Mighty

It can make generously sizable bakes. Its 4.6L bowl volume implies that one can manipulate the sizes of bakes he or she makes. Besides, it makes a variety of meals. For example, it can be used to prepare creaming cake, icing and kneading dough. The creations coming out of the hand-held mixer fit various types of requirements.

Works With Precision

Moreover, the Standard Mixer enables users to operate with accuracy and precision. Its speeds can be regulated based on the types of products expected after the baking process. For instance, fresh dough is produced through slow speeds in the mixer. On the other hand, fluffy and light meringues are produced using high speeds. In such a way, the user has adequate control over the desired result when using the device.

Enables Creativity

This Standard Mixer enables chefs to manipulate the shapes and designs of bakes based on customers’ specifications. Using such shapes, one can spread love to family and friends by producing visually appealing and tasty meals.

Massive Potential

The device has 25 mixer attachments. These parts provide users with the opportunity to employ creativity and imagination during the baking process. It shows that the device can be used to create a huge variety of meals to customers’ satisfaction.

Winning Point

The top handheld mixer brand in Singapore delivers a Standard Mixer that is long-lasting because it is constructed using steel and metal. Its design is a result of 60 years of knowledge combination. It suits individuals seeking perfection during meal preparation.

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