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What to do in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is what many people would view as a paradise. From mighty waterfalls and rich green jungles to pristine beaches, Costa Rica’s landscape is diverse and simply stunning. Read Travel Guide about Costa Rica below.

Costa Rica is a gateway to Latin American culture. It’s pretty touristy, so many people speak English, and there are plenty of travel agencies, hostels and hotels, and accessible public transport options. For your ease, Car Rental agencies are also available at the International airport.

If you’ve never traveled before, Costa Rica is a comfortable country to start. There are a lot of travelers and tourists, so you’re bound to meet other travelers that you can connect with for sure.

Even though Costa Rica is teeming with tourists, it still retains the fundamental aspects of Latin American culture. Reggaeton echoes from speakers in nightclubs, traditional food is authentic and inexpensive, if you look in the right places. The locals of there can be warm and welcoming. Whether you are visiting Costa Rica to sunbathe, hike, surf, do a yoga retreat, learn about coffee or explore the rainforest and connect with nature on your trip, this country has it all that you might want.

This article will highlight the best things to do in Costa Rica. The list goes on for days, but we’ll be focusing on the best tourist attractions in Costa Rica. Isn’t it a mind-blowing place to visit?

Costa Rica is also well known as one of the incredible places to volunteer in Central America, and there are plenty of job exchange opportunities. At the end of the article, you will find some of the best jobs, and volunteer opportunities in Costa Rica for those who want a more in-depth cultural experience.

What to do in Costa Rica?

You should hunt a list of the best places to visit while planning a visit to Costa Rica. Now that you have hunted the best places to visit in Costa Rica, here are all the activities you should include in your visit. Many of these activities can be done in different places across the country, so you can have fun in Costa Rica no matter where you travel.

1.     Zipline across the forest:

With different elevations and so much greenery, Costa Rica is an amazing destination for ziplining. Imagine zooming in above the jungle, strapped securely, of course, and feeling like you can fly. It’s like a dream come true.

There are tons of great places to zipline in Costa Rica, most of which are inland near rainforests.

Visit the Arenal Preserve: Tram and Canopy Zipline or Aerial Tram and Monteverde Sky Zipline to try the zipline through the rainforests of Arenal or Monteverde. If you want to try out the zip lining near the coast, you can also head to the Jacó Canopy Zip Line Tour and Diamante Eco Adventure Park in Guanacaste or Manuel Antonio Canopy Safari Zip Line Tour Central Pacific Coast.

2.     White Water Rafting

With so much humidity and jungle, there are many rivers around Costa Rica for white water rafting. It’s an adventurous way to experience the jungle. Make sure you educate yourself ahead of time about the intensity level of the rapids and stay close to your comfort zone. The Pacuare River near the Caribbean coast is one of the best rafting destinations in Costa Rica, and the Río Naranjo near the central Pacific coast is also a highly recommended spot.

In the Guanacaste area, you can go rafting in the Tenorio River. If you are spending more time inland, there are some great places to rafting near Arenal Volcano. The Toro River, Balsa River, and Sarapiquí River are great places.

3.      Canyoning

For the adventurous soul, try canyoning in Costa Rica. It’s basically exploring a rocky canyon using harnesses and ropes, so you can climb, jump, and climb up and down through a rocky landscape. This is usually done near a waterfall, in which case it could be called waterfall rappelling.

Since this is a high-risk activity, only do this with an experienced and reputable travel agent who knows what they are doing. Unless you are an expert yourself, be careful. There are rappelling down the South Pacific coast near Dominical Beach on the Diamond River. You can also practice canyoning with Costa Canyoning in Uvita, also on the South Pacific coast.

Inland, there are many good canyoning companies; Arenal Volcano Canyoneering and Monteverde Canyoning are top-rated companies, or you can opt for the Family Brenes Finca Modelo Waterfall Rappelling Company near Monteverde.

You can do much more like:

  • Soak in some hot springs
  • Do a Worldpackers experience in Costa Rica
  • Surf the waves
  • Go for paddle boarding
  • Learn how to make coffee
  • Lounge on the beach
  • Take a day trip to a waterfall
  • Go snorkelling

These are the enjoyable things to do in Costa Rica.

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