Monday, October 2, 2023

Which are the Immigrant Languages of Canada?

At present, we see many people from developing countries want to migrate to Canada. Do you want to know why? This is because the standard of living in Canada is high. Moreover, many people wanted to expand their business in Canada.

Before penetrating Canada, they must realize that there are two official languages of Canada which are English and French. Canada is a country that abides by language laws. The language law states that the business content should be translated into the language that customers speak. 

For instance, potential customers that speak the French language should be reached with the help of French translation services. The important thing to note is that Canada and France have the same French ancestry. Therefore, global companies should take the assistance of French canadian translation services.

Official Languages Act

The process of deciding on two official languages despite one at the federal level was announced in the year of confederation. During the constitution act of 1867, English and French were both used in parliamentary debates.

In 1969, the official language Act was passed in the latter part of the century. This law stated that both languages would be given importance throughout the federation after giving permanent residency to immigrants.

Quebec And New Brunswick

Some Canadian territories and provinces have passed laws to protect the language laws. Some of the laws revealed that private businesses should provide content in the French language. Quebec is another example. It is a city of approximately 8.18 million of which 79.7% of people speak the French language.

You will be amazed to know that around 6 million Quebec people voted for the French language. Thus, making it a day-to-day language of communication, commerce, instruction, and business. Whether you are doing foreign or domestic business, you must translate the content into the French language. 

To your surprise, 32.5% of the people living in New Brunswick also speak French. However, they don’t follow strict business laws just like Quebec.

Although the businesses can translate their content into the English language and from a strategic point of view, going for French translation is a viable option. The other part of Canada has 5% fewer French speakers.

How Many Languages Are Spoken in Canada?

Do you know that there are 196 languages spoken in Canada? Apart from English and French, 128 immigrant or imported languages like German and Italy along with 66 indigenous languages are spoken there. 

Canada follows an official bilingualism policy that states that all governmental official operations will be conducted in both languages which are English and French. Approximately, 86% of Canadian people speak English while 30% of people can speak French.

Korean Canadians

Korean Canadians are Canadian citizens but of Korean ancestry. These people migrated from North and South Korea. According to the rough estimate, Korean Canadians are the 8th largest group of Asian Canadians. Korean people started migrating to Canada in the 1940s because of seminary students. Tae-yon Whang was the first Korean person that migrated to Canada.

He visited Canada in 1948 as a sponsored medical intern. He stayed there, even after the completion of the term. Until 1965, the total permanent population of Canada was only 70. In 1966, the immigration laws of Canada were reformed. This led to an increase in immigration to Canada.

 In the late 1990s, South Korea became the fifth-largest immigration to Canada. To deal with this large number of immigrants, professional Korean translation services are of great help for Canadian citizens to treat the immigrants well. Toronto is a city with a large number of Koreans, followed by Vancouver. 

Montreal ranked as the third most popular destination for Korean people. Although English and French are the official languages of Canada, to make Canada a native country for immigrants, you must take the assistance of Korean translation services.

German Canadians

Do you know that Germany is Canada’s number one importer of machinery? Chemicals, transporting equipment, and pharmaceutical products are its main products and services. Despite that Germany is considered the world’s wealthiest nation, still, the people of Germany try to migrate to Canada because of better life opportunities.

There is no doubt that the German people’s presence in Canada has helped them to develop in the way that Canada wanted. There is no tragedy regarding war and violence in Germany but Germany is now facing the problem of racism. To avoid racism, they prefer to move to Canada. 

Canadian people should take the assistance of professional German Translation services so that they can get technological help from the German people. These immigrants also helped the Canadian people with German-style mills that could only be built when they arrived.

Each badge of immigrants that arrived consists of doctors, judges, educators, and builders that can also play a pivotal role in the development of Canada on the other hand, the Canadian government should try to provide German translation services to people so they can settle in Canada in less time

Wrapping Up

There are many other immigrant languages spoken in Canada. A few are Chinese, Punjabi, Spanish, Italian Tagalog, Portuguese, Urdu, and Polish. Leaving your country and starting to live in a new country is not an easy task.

The biggest problem the immigrants can face is communication. To mitigate the communication barriers, the translation services are of great help to them.