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4 Languages to include in the Translation Services Set

The understanding of language across geographical trends and industries can help them to target translation and localization strategies. There are thousands of languages that are spoken all over the world. However, a few languages are more popular than others. Therefore, all translation agencies should ensure to include these 4 languages in the professional translation suite to offer to their clients.

Chinese Language

Chinese is undoubtedly the world’s most spoken language. More than 1.5 billion people speak this language worldwide. Chinese has two variants one of which is simplified Chinese and the other is traditional Chinese. Chinese translation services are extremely in demand. 

People who live and work in China know how the country has emerged as one of the strongest global economies, hence,making it a significant market for western businesses. The e-commerce market of China is the largest one worldwide which contains 50% of the retail sales transacted online. 

Considering this progress, Chinese and Mandarin languages have quite take over as the language of the internet too.

Therefore, translation agencies should include the Chinese language in their set of most popular languages and should offer professional translation services in the language to the clients. This is extremely important to cater to the need for the rapid increase in globalization and the demand for translation. Whether you need to get information from China or translate documents into Chinese, you may put your trust in a reputable Chinese translation company.

It is interesting to note that there has been a surge of 35% in the recruitment of Mandarin-speaking professionals in the last 5 years. A good and professional Chinese translation company can earn millions with the right native speakers’ team of translators.

Arabic Language

The Arabic language is one of the most spoken languages. It is a language of the Middle East and Africa. It is significant for the companies to go for the translation of Arabic translation to excel in their work in UAE and the middle east region. Visit Languex Translation if you are in need of accurate arabic translation services.

Arabic has a whopping speaker of 274 million. It is the fifth most spoken language globally and vital to have on board to enter the gateway of the Arabic-speaking world which is quite a dynamic and booming region.

The Middle East and the United Arab Emirates are popular for the energy and construction industries with the technology and retail sectors. The countries where Arabic is spoken represented $630 billion in GDP in only 2020 and their economy has been increasing immensely every passing year.

Translation plays a crucial role in accessing the business opportunities in these regions. Hence, making the Arabic language a significant one to include in the translation.

Malay Language

Malay is an Austronesian language and an official language for Indonesia, Malaysia, and Brunei, and an unofficial language of East Timor and Thailand. It has more than 77 million speakers who speak it as their first language and the total speakers stand around 290 million people. 

Malay translation services are not offered by many companies, although these require to be on the list considering the number of speakers and their demands and requirements. Malaysia is a beautiful country and they say ‘Malaysia is truly Asia’. Thousands of tourists go to Malaysia for fun and vacation purposes. 

It is known for its beautiful and exotic beaches. Tourists often get to experience difficulties due to the language barrier. The translation is important for them to guide through the process and to start in the country.

Therefore, professional Malay translation services are significant for taking care of the needs of the Malay language, its speakers, and tourists. Also, the businesses and entrepreneurs who plan to tap the market need to have their content translated into their native language to strike the right chord with the target market and audiences.

So, translation agencies should ensure that they have this language on their top language list for translation and there is a competent team for them.

Japanese Language

Japanese is another important language that a translation vendor should consider offering translation into. It is an East Asian language that is spoken by more than 128 million people. It is the official language of Japan and the world’s third-largest nominal GDP and second-largest economy.

Also, the Japanese market is an ideal market for a lot of big companies and entrepreneurs that they want to tap and invade. When it comes to business and internationalization, translation becomes inevitable. Therefore, Japanese translation services are the first step in the process of globalization of a business.

Japan is one market that is full of opportunities. It is home to the world’s top appliances and automobiles. It was the world’s fourth-largest importer and fifth-largest exporter in the year 2018. It happens to have the world’s second-largest foreign exchange reserves worth around $1.4 trillion. Professional Japanese translation services hence, are mandatory to bloom and excel in this ideal market.

Final words

Translation agencies should work on their language pairs which are in demand these days. Also when it comes to translation services a lot of languages are more important than others. Therefore, translation companies should follow a particular strategy and should include languages like Japanese, Malay, Chinese, and Arabic in their list to have more volume of business.

Cary Grant
Cary Grant
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