Saturday, October 1, 2022

What should you choose: a duvet or a comforter? 

It’s normal to be unfamiliar with the differences between these two terms. Likewise, it is common for people to use these terms interchangeably. However, there is a big difference between a duvet and a comforter.

Duvets are synthetic or natural materials like feathers, down, or wool. As quilted blankets, comforters are made with synthetic material.

Comforters and duvets differ in several ways.

Duvets and comforters differ as a comforter is simply one piece, whereas a duvet consists of two pieces, a cover and an insert. There is usually an even distribution of filling quilted in a comforter; the insert in a duvet serves as fill. The duvet covers over inserts like pillows in pillowcases.

Upon purchase, a comforter is ready for use and no cover is required. However, if you wish, you can cover your comforter with a duvet cover. People do this to prevent their comforter from becoming soiled. A comforter may use as an insert for a duvet. A duvet cover can be used as a comforter, but it’s not compulsory.

Comparison of duvet and comforter sizes

Despite duvets appearing fluffier, comforters usually have a larger size. Duvets fit exactly onto mattresses, while a comforter is meant to hang over the edge.

You can get duvets and comforters in all mattress sizes. However, each size has different dimensions. Please see the chart below for a comparison of the sizes of comforters and duvets. This chart can be considered a guideline. Some manufacturers may modify these dimensions. Before choosing a comforter or duvet, make sure you measure the size and thickness of your mattress. Using the mattress sizes listed above will provide you with a solid starting point. To accommodate a thicker mattress, select a duvet or comforter in the highest range of the indicated measurements or size up.


Compared to a comforter, a duvet is easier to clean. A duvet quilt is removable and machine washable, unlike the comforter, which is single and fluffy. It is also easy to replace a duvet cover if it gets ruined or stained. Cleaning a comforter often requires taking it to a dry cleaner.

Choosing a comforter vs. a duvet: what’s best?

The decision will depend on your liking. Compared to a comforter, a duvet is often bulkier. Also, the duvet comes in two pieces, unlike the comforter, which is just a single piece and is ready for use after purchase.

A comforter is a good choice if you want:

·         Simple and ready-to-use solution.

·         Something available in a matching set.

·      To give your bedding a layered look.

A duvet is a good choice if you want:

·         Easy care

·         Versatile bedding

·         To give your bed a fluffy look

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