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Best local strategies for your business


There are many reasons why you may decide to localise your marketing strategy, doing so requires a lot of experience so you might be best off searching “Digital marketing agency London” into google and finding a top marketing agency that can plan and execute a local marketing strategy for your business.

Reasons to localise your marketing strategy

Depending on your business model, you will be localising your marketing for different reason and in different ways. For example, a business advertising a physical store or location is much more likely to only target audiences in specific areas than an E-Commerce business who can ship worldwide.

Some areas will be higher converters or on average spend more per order. This would be an important reason to localise your marketing efforts to isolate those high performing areas and increase your ROAS.

People respond better and engage more with ads that appear to be specific to them, so you may be able to get more sales or conversions if you reach a specific area (let’s say Bath for example) and use the messaging: “Hello Bath! Save 25% on all orders with code BATH25”. This hyper contextuality will stop people scrolling and make them more likely to convert.

How to localise your marketing strategy

If you are a physical business (as opposed to online) you should only target within a radius that you are confident you canfind customers. This will expand or shrink based on how far someone is likely to travel to visit you, use a digital marketing agency in London as they’ll have oodles of experience in these matters and will be able to set-up your localised ads with the correct radius.

Google has great dynamic options to localise your ads. This allows you to write generic messaging but allows Google to hyper-localise the ad copy to a specific area. For example, if you use the generic ad copy of “Free Delivery to {LOCATION(City)}” – Google will make the final word the searchers location, so it’ll appear as “Free Delivery To Bath”. If this sounds too complicated, consider consulting a digital marketing agency in London.

Google ads is full of opportunities to localise your marketing. A great example of this is location-based-bidding. If you know certain areas are more valuable to your business or you’re trying to break into unexplored areas, you can create bid adjustments based on location so you’ll bid more or less depending on their location. Furthermore, If you only want to target specific areas (or those interested in a certain area), you can do so. This is incredibly valuable to those that really only operate in certain areas.


In conclusion, it is important to localise your business on some level. This will be more or less important depending on your goals and the nature of your business. Whether that is to stop wasted spend on irrelevant areas or simply to boost performance by contextualising your ads through hyper-localisation. If you’re left scratching your head, help is just one search away—search digital marketing agency London for years of experience.

Cary Grant
Cary Grant
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