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What Are the Best University Degree Alternatives for Entrepreneurs?

To become a successful entrepreneur, there are a number of paths that you could follow that do not rely on pursuing a traditional university degree. In fact, some of the most outstanding businesses that you see today came from ideas that were not learned in school. Although, succeeding in business without prior knowledge is not as easy as you think! If you are a budding entrepreneur, you require a strong educational background for you to make your concepts come to life in these competitive times. Here are five-degree alternatives that you should consider:

  1. Business degree

It may seem like an obvious choice but this degree is essential for your upward mobility. In this program, you will learn important subjects such as psychology and finance that will help propel your ideas. You will also get exposed to knowledge on funding alternatives, the impact of the stock market on your business, and ways to develop business plans. Well, is a business degree worth it? If you still have this question in mind, here are more advantages to make you consider it:

  • It will give you the confidence to put up your start-up
  • Enable you to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Help you solve complex issues with insightful solutions 
  1. Marketing

To stay competitive, you need a comprehensive understanding of existing marketing dynamics. Given the growth of internet marketing in recent times, you can now reach a wider consumer pool and save a lot of money. Also, to build your business’ reputation and become a global leader, you need to leverage innovative marketing ideas. A marketing degree teaches how to perform research on your target audience and customize your marketing ideas based on consumer, cost, product, and other factors. 

It also helps you create a unique image for your brand, know what campaigns to use, and learn how to create brand awareness. Additionally, it will make you learn the value of consistency to make your business thrive. If you want to learn more about marketing and how it can help entrepreneurs, you can consider consulting with an SEO Consultant that will help you figure out how you can use SEO for your marketing plans.

  1. Accounting

Money determines whether the business ideas you have will become a reality. An accounting degree is versatile because it is applicable to any business you want to put up. As an accounting student, you will learn how to invest, track the flow of money, develop balance sheets, write statements, and conduct financial analysis among other things. Importantly, by the time you graduate, you will have developed an inquisitive mind and great eye for detail that is essential for the management of your finances. If your interest is developing a finance app or starting an accounting business, you will not go wrong with this degree. Statistics show that more than 80% of start-ups fail due to cash flow issues. Therefore, as an entrepreneur with an accounting degree, you will know how to mitigate such risks!

  1. Entrepreneurship

Simply having the motivation to excel and a cutting-edge idea will not make you a successful entrepreneur. Despite there being room for you to learn along the way, most entrepreneurs have failed before because they lacked the knowledge to keep their businesses running either virtually or physically. If you happen to have a  number of ideas that cut across various sectors, a degree in entrepreneurship will save you time that you would spend going back to class each time to learn how to venture into multiple industries. In this program, you will develop a great foundation for starting a business from studying courses such as public relations, communication, and ethics.  

Overall, an entrepreneurship degree will set you apart from your competitors by making you adept in the management of operations and measurement of performance. To succeed at entrepreneurship, you must have certain skills such as business management skills, teamwork and leadership skills, and also project management skills. You will be working on different projects all the time so you might consider getting a project management certification since it will grant you the knowledge, skills, and experience you need to become a successful entrepreneur. 

  1. Computer science

In business, there is always a component that needs automation which makes a computer science degree handy. Also, we live in an era where apps rule hence, it is pertinent that you know your way around them to save time and make your work easier. Computer science will equip you with programming and basic business skills that can help you succeed in the industry of your choice. It will also create a foundation for you to understand emerging trends, cybersecurity, and online safety. Additionally, you will develop a competitive edge when you launch that tech start-up that you have been dreaming about!


Whether you want to open a retail business or start a tech start-up in any industry, one of these degrees will ensure that you have a chance at success. The beauty of it all is that you can enroll for any of these programs online giving you a chance to study at any university of your choice. So, make a decision today!

Cary Grant
Cary Grant
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