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5 Reasons Why You Should Learn React JS

From this article you will learn why it is worth studying React.js, and not something else.

React is an open source JavaScript library created by Facebook’s Jordan Valke. The company was faced with the task of improving the processes of creating and rendering interfaces, because Facebook had to be developed and maintained. At that time it was a huge project, and the existing technologies were not enough. React was first used in the Facebook news feed in 2011 and later in the Instagram feed in 2012. But it wasn’t until 2013 that the source code was presented to the developer community at JSConf US. A lot of time has passed, hundreds of updates, fixes and functionality additions have been released, but since then React has remained the most popular among the 3 giants. Due to its popularity and convenience, many large companies use this library to develop their products. Among them are Facebook, Netflix, Yandex and many others.

Why study React.js

1. Simplicity

Its simplicity is probably the most important thing, as it is not quite a complete solution for everything, that is, on it you will not be able to create to send a form, or work with files, such as in Angular.js, or rather you will need to install third-party libraries for this, or use built-in solutions in JavaScript.

It’s actually just a framework for more convenient rendering of elements on the site, for this it has a state with which you can work, and it depends on this that the render will depend.

That is, if you change this state, for example, change the data of the post, then it will automatically re-rely, and that’s it, you have nothing else to do, as in purely JS, there you would have to get this element by class and already specifically change it.

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2. Popularity

The second plus is that it is quite popular, first of all, it means if you do not know how to do something on it, then you will most likely find it quickly, you will not have to search the Internet for what you need for a long time.

Secondly, it is very much appreciated by employers, and in general there are quite a lot of vacancies, and most likely you will definitely find a job for yourself and for several more years will be relevant specialists in the labor market.

3. React Native

The last plus is more subjective, it is suitable for those who do not want to limit themselves to one Web development, this is React Native, thanks to it you will be able to create not only Web applications, but also full-fledged applications for Android and IOS, and possibly for desktop systems.

Personally, when I chose which framework to study, it was important to me, and therefore I chose React.js, perhaps it does not matter to you, but again, why they deprive yourself of another specialty of mobile developer, so you will be a little more in demand, plus many React vacancies require at least some interest in this technology.

4. Support, community, documentation 

No matter how much they joke about the fact that programmers are only copying code from Stack Overflow and googling answers, but this is a significant part of the daily life of a developer, especially when learning a new technology. Sometimes banal centering divas can drive into a corner. For experienced programmers, it is important to be able to refer to technical documentation and web application testing services, and most importantly, that it is clearly written, which is not always the case. 

React – “together we are strong, but apart we will perish.” This aphorism best describes the ambiguous situation with this library. On one hand, the community of programmers has tens of thousands of specialists from different countries. It is almost impossible to face the problem of the language barrier. On the other hand, it is definitely impossible to call the documentation of the library itself and a huge number of packages for it exhaustive. Open source code and the ability to create new modules, in addition to its advantages, has disadvantages in the form of incomplete guidance, lack of support and the inability to find solutions. Even the official React website still provides examples of class components, although the community and the library itself have taken the course of functional components and hooks. Looking at Stack Overflow, which has over 255,000 #reactjs requests, also brings up some thoughts. At the same time, you may not worry about the lack of an answer to your question, and on the contrary, you can doubt the quality of the library. After all, if something works well, should there be questions? Another great advantage of React is the sheer amount of tutorials.

Cary Grant
Cary Grant
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