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How Your Leadership Style Can Affect Recruitment and Retaining Employees?

Always remember that great leaders are responsible for cultivating a foundation for a great work experience for the members of their staff. The place becomes an area where people are inspired and want to be a part of this organization. In one of the surveys conducted recently, nearly 42% of the employees opined that executive leadership is not positive for the company culture. This stat should provide a heads up to a startup CEO. People have worked in startups with the CEO having poor leadership qualities. As far as recruitment and employee retention is considered, here are things you must not do.

1. Not be clear upfront about the expectations: One of the surveys indicated that as many as 22% of the employees were stressed out due to unrealistic expectations. These employees would want to know the direction in which the organization is headed. They would be keen to learn the objectives of the team and what they are expected to contribute personally for achieving a set of goals provided to them. As the leader of a team, you are accountable for giving your team members the inputs and directions. You need to clarify the higher expectations that will allow the employees to be clear about priorities.

2. Be evasive about changing strategies or fewer resources: If the people working in your organization are distracted by rumors and scuttlebutt, it is likely to hamper the morale and productivity of company employees. This is the situation when good workers begin to get restless and look for other job alternatives. It is a fact that trusting the company leaders contributes towards a positive work environment. When you have a change in an organization, the management must address its employees. It must share the implications of their decisions with them openly. Tell them how these things are going to affect everyday operations by keeping them in the loop.

3. Pulling back and showing hiding or avoiding behavior: Always keep in mind that your staff members are extremely smart. After all that is the reason, you have hired them, right? They have to be aware that they can count on your direct support and the support of the senior leadership. If you are not accessible or approachable especially during the times when you are not engaging or interacting with the staff members, it is extremely stressful and unnerving. It also leads to anxiety and restlessness that will impact productivity and morale negatively. One of the things Apple always had going for the company was the innovative products they created and people enjoyed. The personal quirks displayed regularly by Steve Jobs did not deter top talent from willing to contribute to the organization’s mission.

Effect of leadership style on employee retention

You will find many stories on the internet where people working for small startups worked with great CEOs that cared equally for the well-being of the team members together with the management of the organization. Some of these leaders went out of their way to get independent feedback about their decisions and strategies. This made sure that people understood that they were important to the organization. 

Some ensured that they celebrated the key events of the employee lifecycle such as engagements, birthdays, etc. This allowed the CEO to develop a family-like and fun atmosphere where people worked and played hard. Everyone working in the company was motivated to put in their best efforts. Keep in mind that great leaders not only provide great results and positive press, but they can also develop a culture around their version of values. It also includes valuing the team members. Another method would be to make use of EOR or employer of record services for achieving these objectives.


If you can build a company culture where individuals are valued and they are recognized publicly for their contribution to the company they get incentivized to remain with your workforce. It also pushes them to do their best work on a long-term basis. In the end, as a leader, if you are capable of acknowledging the top talent for their skills and capabilities, they are more likely to give it all they have and contribute a great deal towards the greater picture. This also makes sure that the employees remain on course even when things are not working out for them.

Cary Grant
Cary Grant
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