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Practical Tips for Instagram Fashion Bloggers to Grow Their Followers 

For fashion bloggers, there’s nothing perhaps better than Instagram to post and share their content. This is because the platform is not only hugely popular with the younger section of the population but also enjoys a huge user base of over one billion monthly active users. With one of the highest rates of engagement in social media, it is of special attraction to fashion and lifestyle brands. With Instagram finally giving in to the longstanding demand for an e-commerce facility by making its posts shoppable, it has become even more appealing to marketers and users. For marketers and bloggers desiring to make their Instagram accounts successful, the main challenge is to acquire a large number of highly-engaged followers. Without this, it is not possible to build a community that can be used as the target for strategic fashion content. Some tips for increasing the number of your followers forTo know which hashtags to use, you should research the hashtags that are popular with the happening fashion accounts on Instagram, however, you need to also verify that the hashtags are relevant to your niche. fashion bloggers, brands, and influencers:

Create Arresting Content 

Instagram is an ideal platform for the fashion industry because of its focus on visuals. Because users are accustomed to seeing very high-quality photos, their expectations are so sky-high that poorly-composed or shot photos are liable to be rejected outright and also hurt the reputation and credibility of fashion brands and bloggers. Since your content is going to have to fight off fierce competition, you have to ensure that the photos you post are stunning. You need to post on diverse things as; otherwise, your posts will become repetitive and pull down your engagement rate. You should always attempt to be unique, which demands that you spot emerging fashion trends, styles, and colors and also shoot the photos from an eye-catching perspective. If you are not an expert photographer, it is a good time to master photo shooting, composition, and editing that can add extra appeal to even mundane outfits and situations. Since lighting can make or break the appeal of your photos, you need to learn how to get it right.

Have a Distinct and Authentic Style

The best way to acquire followers who are genuinely interested in your products is to be yourself because adopting a false or forced persona will be very easily spotted by followers. You need to follow a consistent and regular posting schedule so that your followers know when they can view your posts in their Instagram feed. By following a random schedule, the posts will very likely be missed by your followers, and if that happens too regularly, you will also fade from their memories. Because it can take time to build authentic engagement, you can make a start with a plan to buy Instagram likes 50 for nominal outlays.

Engaging with your followers should be high on your priority list because if you do not respond to a comment or provide clarification to a query, you will be regarded as unprofessional. On the other hand, by responding promptly with thoughtful and incisive comments, you will help to build up a community of loyal followers who are highly engaged with your brand. You need to try to adopt a personal style that your followers can relate well with. The more you tell your followers about yourself, what makes you tick, and what is your fashion passion, the better users will take to you, follow you, and interact with you. In a world where people are increasingly becoming isolated and insular, a fashion blogger who comes across as genuine and relatable people can win over their target audience far better.

Use Hashtags Strategically 

Being the only way Instagram users can search for content on the platform, hashtags are a wonderful tool in hands of savvy fashion bloggers to reach out to their target audience. Even though Instagram permits the use of as many as 30 hashtags, you should think strategically about whom you are trying to reach and use relevant hashtags. Typically, you should restrict the number of your hashtags in the band of seven to eleven at the maximum. A study reported by Huffington Post suggests that 11 hashtags are optimum for accounts with less than 1,000 followers, which means it is an ideal number for newbie fashion bloggers. To know which hashtags to use, you can use a hashtag generator or research the hashtags that are popular with the happening fashion accounts on Instagram, however, you need to also verify that the hashtags are relevant to your niche. It is important to keep monitoring hashtag trends to be able to ride with the wave. However, for the best chance of being discovered, you should always use a mix of popular hashtags and specific hashtags.


To succeed on Instagram, fashion bloggers need to know the demographics and interests of their target audience and craft ways of appealing to their sensibilities with high-quality, original, and relevant content. Adopt an authentic, personal, and relatable style to be able to attract more followers and use every trick in your book to engage with them to build a loyal community.

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