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Weed Leafs And Its Different Types

Are you a cannabis or weed lover and enjoy smoking? Or using it in whatever form you prefer? If so, you have probably wondered about the different types of leaves at some point. The most important thing about weed leaf types is knowing that they all affect the quality and variety of weed that eventually hits the market. You can always know about how to buy weeds these days if interested. Consequently, the effect of the weed is also determined by the kind of leaf in question.  

Generally, there are three different types of weed leaf, majorly known as Sativa, ruderalis, and Indica. These three have varied effects which may influence the decision a user makes when purchasing weed. Read on to uncover more details about your favorite type of weed leaf. 

General Information About Weed Leaves 

Sativa leaves have more energetic properties, whereas indicas have more of the calming trait. It is important to note that each plant leaf has a unique characteristic on its own. Cannabis leaves are essential as they help both users and growers alike. They often refer to the genetic composition of the plant and also affect its characteristics/traits.  

For instance, before a grower is rushed to buy OG kush outdoor seeds, they must adequately understand the plant. This way, they can produce a crop that has the best traits for users and the market. Such information helps growers manipulate strains, thus managing to produce cannabis leaves with different strengths. No two cannabis plants are created the same, hence the unique nature of this product. For better understanding, read on about the most popular cannabis leaves discussed below. 

Indica Plant/Leaf 

This is a common cannabis strain that people use whenever they want to feel calm. It is a perfect combo for yoga enthusiasts when used in the correct dosage. Its appearance takes a short and stocky look. Growers in the subtropical regions of Afghanistan and Pakistan prefer growing the Indica strains because it thrives best in such areas.  

The sun in these areas allows the plant to grow faster. The leaves take a finger-like form that spreads out to take advantage of the sunlight. Many growers prefer sativas because of their marketability and profitability. How it grows its leaves and flowers makes it more interesting for the market. Growers often want to go with broad-leaved cannabis since it fetches reasonable prices in the market; thus, Sativa is a winner. 

Besides the growers’ interests, Sativas are excellent for users too. It has high levels of CBD, which tends to counter THC effects. For this reason, Indica is perfect for medical use and has been instrumental in easing pain resulting from inflammation since they tend to help relax muscles. Indica strains are also suitable for treating conditions such as anxiety and depression due to their calming effect. They are also great for people struggling with sleep or those suffering from sleep disorders. 

Sativa Leaf 

Weed Leafs And Its Different Types

This is a type of cannabis that is perfect for anyone who needs an energy boost. It works best among creatives seeking some form of elevation with their creative process. They are the most prominent type of weed leaf and are initially from equatorial regions. They grow broadly due to the reliable sunlight exposure in these areas. The leaves take advantage of the daylight by growing even when flowers bloom. Due to the effects of sunlight, they have a more extended flowering period too.  

As for the shape, these leaves are narrower and longer but remember the typical weed leaf you know of. When looking at the effects of Sativa, it helps to note that these have higher THC levels vs. CBD. They are therefore best for an uplifting and energetic effect. It is safe to say that this type of weed is more recreational than anything else. However, it is said to help improve focus and can also manage anxiety and feelings of depression. Usually, users register an overall improvement of health when they consume it. 


This type of weed is quite different from those discussed. It contains lower levels of both THC and CBD than the two above. Usually, on its own, the ruderalis is quite useless, especially to the end-user. However, growing with any of the two strains above helps growers achieve auto-flowering characteristics, allowing cannabis growers in cold regions to remain in business. They can thus be grown indoors even when the weather changes. Besides that, the weed will require less maintenance, not to mention that it can be replanted immediately after harvesting.  

Weed Leafs And Its Different Types

Physically, this cannabis strain is short and stocky. It is mainly used medicinally, as seen in the Mongolian and Russian treatments. However, due to its shallow THC levels, it is not preferred for recreational purposes. Instead, it works better when used as a medical plant for anxiety. To spot it physically, look for a fuzzy appearance, and broad leaves light green in color.  

It is a fast-maturing cannabis strain that does not branch outwards, and its leaves remain short most of the time. Growers love it because it takes only ten weeks to become a plant from when it was planted, not to mention that it can withstand freezing conditions. 

Final Thoughts 

Different cannabis strains or leaves determine the characteristic the weed eventually ends up with. While there are many types of cannabis leaves, those mentioned above are the three most popular breeds you will come across. When choosing cannabis based on leaf appearance, always consider the characteristics they are likely to have based on the strain in question. From the broad leaves discussed above, thousands of strains can be grown depending on what the grower has in mind. Users are advised to take a sensible approach when using any cannabis strains they find in the market. You can read some CBD articles here.


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