Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Should I Use Aluminum Bottle For Essential Oils?

According to Research, if you want to avoid deterioration and protection of aromatic and therapeutic properties of your essential oils, you should store them in cobalt blue or amber bottles. Dark glass such as cobalt or amber helps in keeping the deteriorating sunlight. Some of the vendors sell oil-inlined aluminum bottles

It has also been said that aluminum bottles are acceptable if the interior of bottles is all lined. The truth is that many essential oils may be stored easily in plain aluminum. In some cases, epoxy phenolic coatings are used in the lining of the sides. You also have to do stability testing to determine which bottle is ideal for your product. You can use an aluminum bottle for storing liquids like essential oils.

There are many different essential oil bottles, and they range in styles and sizes. Anyone planning to sell essential oils must know which bottles suit their product ideally. This will ensure that the oils are bottled ideally and sold without real issues. 

  • Sizes: 

Essential oils are only sold in smaller bottles as many people don’t require them in huge quantities. Common sizes also include:

  • 5ml 
  • 10ml
  • 15ml
  • 30ml 

Rare or expensive essential oils are mostly sold in smaller bottles. While these are easier to find, they will also range in the size bottles that come in. sample sizes are also popular for different oils, and they may also store 20 to 40 drops inside them. 

These are 5/8″ wide and just 1.5″ tall, so they are very small and great for handing the samples out to respective buyers. You can use an Aluminum bottle to store essential oils in it.

  • Materials:

Undiluted essential oils must not be stored in plastic containers. The reasoning is that the oils may break down the plastic and cause holes or leaks that ruin the product. The only exception is that if high-grade plastics are used in a carrier oil added, these may resist the breakdown of the oils for several months.

Aluminum is better than plastic, but it will only work best for undiluted essential oil. Along with this, to house the oils without any risk of disintegration, the aluminum may also resist stains from the colored oils. 

There won’t be an issue using the essential oils in aluminum containers such as water bottles. We also suggest adding a drop of the oil on the outsides to verify that there isn’t any change to aluminum in some minutes after the oil is applied. 

Some are not a good idea for sure. Most of the essential oils have compounds in them which dissolve some plastics. Take, for example; Polystyrene is dissolved easily by d-limonene in Lemon oil. This oil disrupts the Van der Waals forces and causes the breaking of polystyrene chains to break up from one another. 

But the other plastic containers might work if not reused and if only the smallest amount of oil is added in the high dilution rate. So it would be best if you use the Aluminum bottle to store essential oils in it.