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Safe Online Gambling Guide In Canada

When registering with an online casino, every player should have safety as the number one priority. Unfortunately, with the rise of casinos and expansion of deposit and withdrawal methods, it’s easier than ever to fall victim to scams or other unpleasant events. Currently, the official establishment for licensing and regulations in Canada is The Kahnawake Gaming Commission. They ensure that all gambling activities are conducted safely, and since all casinos must be hosted on their Mohawk Network, the process is a lot simpler than before.

Any new casino must go through three stages of verification conducted by partner companies that the Kahnawake Gaming Commission appointed. Only after a couple of months does the company have a temporary 12-month license, a period where they are carefully monitored.

How to find yourself the best Canadian online casinos? The choice of the best online casino in Canada will not necessarily be the same from one player to another. We sat down with Connor Bergeron from TrueNorthCasinos to hear his process on weeding out the scammy casinos and providing his customers with reputable, safe sites only.

Here, we provide you with all the important criteria to accurately determine how to choose the safest casino.

Taxes in Canada

The best part about gambling in Canada is their no-tax policy, says Connor. You get to keep ALL of your winnings in Canada. Because gambling is not considered a constant source of income, the Canadian government decided that nobody should have to split their payment, and they get to keep their lucky prizes. However, the situation might change if you are a gambler by profession, and some taxes might apply. This is why the officials are advocating for players to get acquainted with the laws, “at True North, we feel the same way”, agrees Connor.

On the other side, casinos are being taxed for their winnings. Under the Income Tax Act, all the profit that a bookmaker makes is taxable by the government. As the situation is still developing, we suggest you keep an eye on all the industry news and official communication channels to make sure you enjoy a great experience at all times!

Staying Safe

The best practice when wanting to stay safe on the internet is using your common sense. Even though there are many regulations in place and commissions that are verifying legitimate casinos, you also want to rely on yourself for your internet safety. Most casinos offer many ways to deposit money, and not all of them are %100 secure. Here are some of the most popular methods and whether or not you should keep using them:

  • Interac
  • Bank Cards
  • InstaDebit
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Neteller
  • Neosurf
  • Skrill

How To Find The Right Casino

Although the process of registering is rigorous and multiple parties are verifying the casino’s activity, the players must also have some key aspects in mind when choosing a casino. Here are some of the things you should keep in mind.

Customer Support

Customer service is a vital feature of a well-respected casino, no matter how big.  A casino website that does not have a customer support phone number, or an option for a live chat should not be trusted. Players need to have the ability to contact the casino staff in case of problems or need answers to some kind of question, especially security-related concerns.

The quality that the service desk offers as well as the timeliness of their answers should not be disregarded. If the answer takes more than a couple of days or even weeks, then you might want to change your casino.

Secure Payment Methods

In most situations, casinos would rely on some security system that guarantees safety to the players and to the casino itself. This applies to both the games they provide and the handling of important information.

However, even with these security measures in place, we highly advise that you take good care of your device integrity and you always use secure Wi-Fi networks, and keep your devices up to date.

Fair Terms & Conditions

Also, to minimize any data leaks, online casinos need to process any banking and identification information on their websites in accordance with the data protection laws of the country in which they operate.

Having all the Terms and Conditions listed, as well as a page containing their Privacy Policy, guarantees that the casino has an open policy when it comes to processing vital information. Normally, in any respected casino, this information can only be accessed by specific staff members.


We appreciate the input for this article from Connor Bergeron, of True North Casinos, Connor knows what to look for when researching a new casino, and tests them out before reviewing them on his site.

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