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FairGo’s 5th Birthday Celebration Lauded by True Blue Casinos for Freeroll

Casino Tournaments and Exciting Giveaways

FairGo Casino had a huge celebration month in March 2022 to mark its fifth birthday. Five years of a successful business model, excellent idea generation and implementation, as well as constructive feedback from punters were all key celebration factors for the fast-growing online gambling site. The online casino hosted a month-long celebration to commemorate a half-decade of excellence in the gambling industry. The grand celebrations meant that FairGo’s esteemed customers could enjoy amazing bonuses and win exciting prizes throughout the month.

We interviewed True Blue Casino’s Gavin Harper, a well-known online casino reviewer, to understand the significance of the festivities. The review guru praised the online casino for strengthening its relationship with gambling enthusiasts by including them in the festivities. The following is a breakdown of what the online casino had to offer punters during the month of their birthday, as explained by Gavin.

Special Tournaments

FairGo created exciting tournaments to indulge current and potential players. The matches were extraordinary in every way imaginable. Several participants relished the treats provided by the exciting matches. The $5000 Casino Guarantee Freeroll Tournament, on the other hand, was the most rewarding. According to Gavin Harper, the offer was one of the most exciting freebies in online gambling history.

Garvin explained, “True Blue Casino has gone above and beyond to solicit feedback on the exciting offer. According to the poll results, some people dismissed the tournament as a hoax as soon as it was announced. They were surprised, however, to learn that FairGo had extended the courtesy of free entry, which meant they could authenticate the tournament and participate at their leisure. It was especially rewarding for those who entered the competition with $10 add-ons because it increased their chances of winning.”

Aside from the well-known $5000 Casino Guarantee Freeroll Tournament, FairGo Casino celebrated its birthday month with several other tournaments. The competitions were held each week throughout the month, giving each player plenty of time to claim their share of the $25,000 prize pool offered by the online gambling site. It was an undeniably successful 31 days for the players. They had the opportunity to win big while enjoying some of the best pokies, such as Plentiful Treasure, Hyper Wins, Cash Bandits, and Lucky Catch.


FairGo Casino did not stop at the exciting and rewarding casino tournaments. Players enjoyed an enhanced version of the all-time famous Fair Draw Raffle in what appeared to be a 21st-century dream.

According to Garvin Harper, The Fair Draw has always been the most anticipated raffle. However, this year’s version was by far the most thrilling. Unlike in the past, FairGo Casino decided to multiply the amount up for grabs several times. The company held the raffle every week, increasing the prize money each week.

“During the first week, the prize money was raised from $50 to $100. In the second week, the company raised the price from $100 to $200 for the Anniversary edition. The sequence continued in the third week when the company increased the raffle prize from $250 to $500 for the Anniversary edition. The amount was increased to $1000 in the fourth week, up from $500 the previous week.”

The popular online casino made it relatively easy for people to play the raffle. All that was required to be eligible was a weekly deposit of $500. According to Garvin, this mode of operation is commendable because it ensured that each player had an equal chance of winning and established an indelible tradition of quickly rewarding players.

Special Offers and Promotions

FairGo Casino has built a solid reputation over the years, owing to many large payouts, bonuses, and exciting tournaments. However, the company’s birthday month was unrivaled in terms of the number of highly rewarding activities.

True Blue Casino’s expert reviewer explained that the company made a mark in the history of rewards during the month. Within a single month, FairGo Casino offered numerous special rewards and ran numerous promotions, further strengthening its reputation among online gambling companies. Several players won unannounced prizes, while others won openly announced prizes. According to Gavin, this was the best time for any eligible person to join FairGo Casino.


Gavin Harper finalized the interview by stating that the five-year anniversary of FairGo Casino was a memorable occasion for everyone in the casino’s community. It was especially exciting for the participants who got to enjoy the goodies that the company provided in the form of cash rewards and thrilling activities. Both the online gambling site and the gambling enthusiasts who use the online platform have a bright future to look forward to. Here is an additional review of FairGo by True Blue Casino.

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