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Mr Biggs Meat Pie Recipe

Regardless of the distance away you are from home, you’ll continuously lengthy for Nigerian meat pie.
Recollect Mr Biggs meat pie? The rich hamburger filling and the flaky and firm batter?
Indeed, that is the thing you are going to learn. Nigerian meat pie is one of the Nigerian recipes that tight spot us all together. I’ve not met a Nigerian that doesn’t cherish Nigerian meat pie.
In spite of the fact that meat pie has additionally become well known in other African nations, for example, Ghana since I’ve tasted Ghana meat pie previously.
In this way, African meat pie recipe isn’t equivalent to Nigerian meat pie recipe. I suppose you ought to really take a look at the meat pie recipe of every nation so you can come by the right outcomes.
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I have tried different things with various Nigerian meat pie recipes before I agreed to the one I’m presently dedicated to on the grounds that the outcome is amazing!

Batter Ingredients

500g plain flour
250g baking spread (Use great margarine. It has a ton of effect).
1 teaspoon baking powder
A touch of salt (If you’re utilizing salted margarine, you might skip adding salt or simply add a squeeze).
Nutmeg (Optional).
1 medium-sized egg (for coating the outer layer of the pie).
1/2 Whole milk or water (If you utilize excellent baking spread, you can utilize water to blend your batter however on the off chance that you utilize a bad quality one, you can involve entire milk for the blending. You’ll accomplish some equilibrium that way).

Elements for Filling

400g minced meat or ground bubbled hamburger (I lean toward hand crafted ground bubbled meat since I think that it is more delectable).
2 medium-sized potatoes
2 medium-sized carrots
1 medium-sized onion
Vegetable oil for searing
Salt to taste
2 flavoring shapes
Thyme and curry to taste
A touch of cayenne pepper (I’m a Yoruba young lady. I love it hot. In any case, you can skip it).
2 cups of water
1 tablespoon flour for thickening


1. In an enormous bowl, consolidate the flour, baking powder, nutmeg and salt together.
2. Add the baking margarine in little cuts into the flour and blend in with the tip of your fingers till you accomplish a piece like consistency.
3. Add cold milk or water a little at a time and knead the mixture until the milk or water is very much consolidated.
4. Be mindful so as not to exhaust your batter or, more than likely you’ll wind up with ‘olumo rock’ somewhat mixture. I’m talking for a fact. They say experience is the best instructor however it doesn’t need to be your own insight. It’s more astute to gain from others’ encounters.
5. Envelop the batter by a straightforward film and spot it in the cooler for no less than 30 minutes.

Nigerian meat pie recipe

The filling

1. Dice the onions, potatoes, and carrots.
2. Put a pan on medium intensity and pour in one cooking spoon of vegetable oil.
3. Add the slashed onions and saute for around two minutes.
4. Add the minced meat and sautéed food completely until it becomes brown.
5. Add the hacked potatoes and carrots and add two cups of water.
6. Add salt, preparing 3D squares, thyme, curry, cayenne pepper (discretionary) to taste.
7. Bring to bubble until delicate. You can add some more water if important.
8. Assuming you are utilizing ground hamburger, which I favor since I favor its taste to locally acquired mince meat, add the ground hamburger as of now.
9. It appears to be legit to heat up your veggies first prior to adding your ground hamburger.
10. Add a few water into two tablespoons of flour and blend until velvety. Fill the blend.
11. Switch off the intensity and let it keep on stewing with the remaining intensity for around 3 minutes.
12.Your filling should not be excessively dry, it should have some dampness. It should be rich. That has the effect. That is the manner by which you get the Mr Biggs meat pie taste.

Nigerian Meat Pie Filling

The cycle

1. Preheat your stove to 175 degree Celsius.
2. Add a few water into a little bowl and saved it.
3. Take out the batter from the ice chest and put it on a level surface (I utilize a moving board).
4. Cut a small bunch of the mixture and roll. Utilize a batter shaper, pan top, or a balance bowl and cut a circle.
5. Scoop around 1-2 tablespoons of filling into the center of the cut-out batter, passing on out sufficient room to seal it up.
6. Rub the edges of the batter with water and seal it up appropriately. (Some utilization egg and previously, I utilized egg however since I found water improves, I adhered to utilizing water).
Close it up and utilize a fork to push down the edges.
7. In the event that you’re utilizing a batter shaper, rub the edges with egg.
8. Do likewise with the leftover mixture and put every one of your pies on the baking plate. (Ensure you line your baking plate with aluminum foil, baking sheet or some margarine/baking spread to keep your pie from adhering to the plate.
9. Coat the highest point of every pie with the whisked egg and puncture every pie with a fork to let some steam out while baking. I give mine three piercings. Hihihi.

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