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Namkeen Recipe

Namkeen gosht is a meat please hailing from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and its connecting districts, Afghanistan, the ancestral belt, and focal Asia, where dishes like our nearby Namkeen Gosht are as yet delighted in today, Salt, pepper, and ginger is the principal fixing, subsequently the flavor and delicate nibble of the meat, for the most part cooked in the wake of being newly butchered, in Peshawar and its encompassing regions typically cooked with sheep meat with its own fat.

Step By Step Instructions To Make Namkeen Gosht

However, I cooked here from sheep since we could do without sheep’s meat in the event that you like you can follow a similar recipe with sheep meat as well as I did some variety in namkeen gosht by utilizing my own style,namkeen gosht is a delightful rural meat dish, Traditionally, little blocks of sheep or goat are cooked in fat, dark pepper, or green chilies and salt is presented with the side of hot naan, and cleaved onion
Here I utilized some oil it with meat fat also ginger garlic glue to eliminate the meat smell, so we should begin the present recipe

Recipe Tips:

1. To set up this recipe use papaya glue to meat delicate well.
2. Namkeen gosht forever is cooked in a sluggish cooking process over low intensity.
3. Fixing in the juices, and slow cooking flawlessly. Try not to more add water if conceivable, however in the event that the need emerges, add a little to finish the cooking system.
4. Try not to cook on high intensity any other way, meat juices will be dry out
5. Try not to utilize the strain cooker to cook it
6. The fat proportion in the recipe is around 40% percent so better to utilize olive oil rather than ghee
7. In the wake of having the namkeen gosht should drink Qehwa it will keep balance your extra calories.

Namkeen Gosht

In the event that you have attempted this Peshawari Namkeen Gosht remember to rate the recipe. You can likewise follow me via online entertainment to see what’s most recent in my kitchen!

Planning of Namkeen Gosht:

1. Take a medium profound bowl, first and foremost, pour 1 container of water with salt white vinegar and ½ tsp garlic powder blend well and afterward put the meat in the water combination and leave it for 10 minutes so that smell will disappear.
2. In the medium pot heat the oil and add ginger garlic glue, saute ginger garlic Fry the meat till changes its tone.
3. Presently add papaya 3D squares and again fry it for around 10 minutes over medium fire, consolidate all flavors in the lamb
4. Add green chilies and dark peppercorn, mix to join well, and add lemon juice.
5. Cook the sheep till oil isolates and afterward add yogurt, continue to mix for around 10 minutes until very much simmered with its flavors.
6. Empty water into the sheep and carry it to bubble, cover the top and turn the intensity to low, and cook until the meat is delicate and tumbling off the bone.
7. The meat squeezes slowly cook and dissipate, as you can see beneath the image, mix well by adding the leftover flavors.
8. Diminish the intensity and stew namkeen gosht on low intensity for 10 minutes,namkeen gosht is finished..
9. Move to the serving dish and trimming with lemon wedges, new coriander leaves, and green stew.
10. Hot serve Peshawari gosht with tawa naan, roasted roti, and rumali rotis alongside lemon wedges and onion cuts.
11. Namkeen gosht is a tasty rural meat dish, customarily, little shapes of sheep or goat are cooked in fat, dark pepper, or green chilies.


500g, lamb with fat
1 tbsp, dark peppercorn
2 tbsp, lemons juice
Salt to taste
1 tbsp, ginger garlic glue
2 tbsp, green chilies
1 tsp, cooked cumin seeds
2 tbsp, oil/ghee
2 solid shapes, papaya or 2 tbsp

For Garnishing:

1 tbsp, coriander leaves
2 tbsp, ginger cuts
2, lemon wedges

How to make Peshawari Namkeen Gosht?

1. Take a medium pot or as per meat amount add 2 tbsp oil
2. Heat the oil and put ginger garlic glue sauté somewhat then add meat
3. Sear meat with ginger garlic glue on medium fire until changes its tone
4. Then add papaya blocks and again blend well
5. Join all flavors squashed cooked cumin seeds, salt, hacked green chilies, and squashed dark peppercorn, and mix to consolidate well
6. Add 1 lemon juice to the meat continue to mix until all around simmered, then, at that point, add beaten yogurt
7. Furthermore, blend again until very much joined
8. Add 1 cup of hot and bubble water to the meat and carry it to bubble
9. Cover the top and cook it for around 30-40 minutes on low-medium fire till goes to meat are delicate
10. Presently add ginger cuts, remaining lemon squeeze, and squashed dark pepper blend well then, at that point,
11. Permit to stew it an additional 10 minutes
12. Presently Peshawari Namkeen gosht is prepared
13.Move to the serving dish and trimming with lemon wedges, new coriander leaves, and green stew
14. Serve hot Peshawari gosht with tawa naan, baked roti, and rumali rotis alongside lemon wedges and onion cuts.

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