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Minatamis Na Saging Recipe

This Minatamis na Saging essentially requires just 3 fixings, plantain or cooking bananas, earthy colored sugar, and water. The custard pearls and milk is nevertheless a special reward to make it more unique. Attempt it for a simple, flavorful and better treat or nibble decision.
I made a bunch of this when my two nephews/godsons, Andrei (9) and Jiro (7), were passed on to us one evening. It was their most memorable chance to have Minatamis na Saging. Like most average children, their underlying response was, “no, much obliged” when they saw the bananas.
I attempted to persuade Andrei to check it out, only a little nibble essentially. After some close to home coercing, he surrendered to his Ninang’s solicitation. When he did, his hesitant face transformed into one major grin. Indeed, persuading Jiro was no big deal after that as he would duplicate anything his elder sibling does. Eventually, they completed two servings each.


A customary Filipino pastry or snack,’Minatamis na Saging’ straightforwardly means improved bananas. It is truly simple to get ready utilizing plantain bananas or privately known as Saba, an assortment of plantain banana that can be cooked, ready or unripe. When ready, can likewise be eaten crude.


Did you had any idea that banana isn’t a tree yet the world’s biggest spice? It is accepted that there are around 1000 assortments of banana from one side of the planet to the other. Furthermore, assuming you are feeling down, bananas could assist with encouraging you as they contain tryptophan, a kind of protein that the body changes over into serotonin, known to advance unwinding and further develop temperament.


It truly is so natural to make. It includes making the caramel syrup by heating up the earthy colored sugar in water. Then, at that point, add the cut banana pieces and stew until cooked.
On the off chance that you are adding custard pearls, add it prior to switching the intensity off. I normally likewise add a little vanilla concentrate and salt to my caramel syrup. It gives out a pleasant smell and simply a minuscule touch of pungency.
That is all there is to it! Your Minatamis na Saging is prepared. You can have it still a piece warm or chilled.


Saba has an exceptionally fascinating taste and doesn’t pose a flavor like different bananas. Somewhat sweet contrasted with different assortments is upgraded by its similarly gentle pungency. It gets a firmer surface when cooked in syrup and chilled off that is very astounding interestingly Saba eaters.


1. I generally partake in my Minatamis na Saging basically by adding milk and a squashed ice to it. This is the thing we call Saba con Yelo. You can likewise attempt it by adding vanilla frozen yogurt all things considered.
2. Make it vegetarian by supplanting the milk with a non-dairy one. Coconut milk sounds great, as a matter of fact.
3. It is likewise a significant fixing to make Halo, a famous summer dessert in the Philippines.
You can likewise involve it for a pie filling or cleave it and make a Turon out of it. Despite the fact that, I lean toward involving crude Saba for that.
4. Minatamis na Saging with ice, tapiocal pearls and milk in a bowl


Turon or Mini Turon – another simple and tasty Saba recipe wherein bananas are dunked in sugar and wrapped spring-roll coverings, then broiled until brilliant.
Ginatang Bilo – with glutinous rice balls, plantain bananas, yams, jack foods grown from the ground pearls that is cooked in sweet coconut milk
Kutsinta – steamed tacky rice cakes.
Palitaw – straightened glutinous rice balls bubbled and the covered with ground coconut, sugar, and now and again simmered sesame seeds.
Biko – rice cake with a coconut caramel top
Buchi – broiled glutinous rice balls shrouded in sesame seeds with red bean filling
Pichi – steamed cassava shrouded in ground coconut
Maja Blanca – coconut milk pudding or attempt the Kapampangan form, tibok from carabao’s milk
Banana plantain in caramel syrup with milk and ice
Saba bananas in caramel syrup with custard pearls and milk


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