Thursday, August 18, 2022

Innisfree Capsule Recipe Pack

A wash-off load with bija oil and tea tree oil that relieve and keep the skin saturated.

Item Details

1. Bija and tea tree extricates for against inconvenience care (100ppm of bija oil and 300ppm of tea tree leaf oil)
2. Mud equation with a rich surface
3. An earth wash-off type pack to spread over the face and eliminate
1. Arrangements taking care of various skin issues
It offers answers for saturating, calming, feeding, complexion and surface, pores and explicit skin issues
2. Smooth and basic plan
Additional cap is added to assist with keeping it new for next use
3. An assortment of Capsule Recipe Pack
   Straightforward wash-off type for use during shower, simple to-utilize dozing type prior to hitting       the sack and cooling type to be kept refrigerated for skin alleviating.

Fixing Story

Bija seeds are an uncommon fixing that must be utilized after they have endure 20 years in nature.
Its tough properties tenderly smooth skin and improve the skin’s regular guard framework.
1. Bija energy for safeguarding the skin
    Bija that bears valuable organic products in the wake of persevering for quite a while holds fantastic normal energy to decisively further develop skin condition.
2. Wonderful fair exchange Songdang-ri, Jeju
By purchasing the bijas filled in Songdang-ri, Jeju through fair exchange, another pay source is made and adds to the local area.
3. Citrus green home grown scent from Bija Forest of 1,000 years
A rich fragrant smell of the backwoods that produces phytoncides and 100 percent normal natural oil scents of lavender, lemon and lime unwind and revive your psyche and body as though you are remaining in Bija Forest.

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