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Kharvas Recipe

Indian desserts are incredibly popular and have numerous variations and kinds of desserts arranged with simply full cream milk. especially the bengali food is brimming with chenna based desserts dunked in sugar syrup or improved milk. kharvas recipe or junnu is one such sweet recipe produced using cow’s colostrum, however in this, I have utilized milk and milk powder.

As I recently referenced, kharvas is a taditional sweet recipe and is by and large ready with cow colostrum (cheek). be that as it may, we as a whole know, getting the principal type of milk delivered by the cow is practically unrealistic. subsequently this recipe which utilizes the mix of full cream cows milk with milk powder, curd and dense milk. additionally, I even call this recipe as a moment adaptation of junnu recipe. due to the use of consolidated milk when contrasted with conventional one where the milk is vanished in consistent low medium intensity. further, it then steamed in a hot water which gives it a smooth and delicate surface. actually, this step of steaming makes it novel and unmistakable from the paneer or chenna based desserts.

Moreover, I might want to pinpoint a few hints and ideas while setting up the kharvas recipe/ginnu recipe. right off the bat, as I referenced beforehand, this is a moment form and I have not utilized the cow’s colostrum milk. yet, assuming that you truly do have an admittance to it, overlook my other options and use it straightforwardly for the best outcomes. furthermore, the conventional rendition utilizes jaggery or ghud blended in with colostrum milk. notwithstanding, I have utilized the consolidated milk which as of now contains the expected pleasantness in it. finally, I have added cardamom powder with an essential embellishing. however, this can be effectively stretched out with decision of dry natural products like powdered cashews, almonds and pecans.


 ▢1 cup milk (full cream)

 ▢½ cup milk powder (full cream)

 ▢1 cup curd/yogurt (thick)

 ▢1 cup consolidated milk/milkmaid

 ▢¼ tsp cardamom powder/elachi powder


1. Firstly, in an enormous bowl take 1 cup milk and ½ cup milk powder. in the event that you have first-day colostrum milk, simply add 1 cup sugar for 4 cup colostrum milk and steam.

2. Whisk well till the milk powder joins well with practically no bumps.

3. Now add 1 cup curd and 1 cup dense milk.

4. Whisk smooth ensuring everything is consolidated well.

5. Transfer the milk blend to a round dish.

6. Sprinkle ¼ tsp cardamom powder over the combination.

7. Cover with aluminum foil or spot a pate to keep water from entering while at the same time steaming kharvas.

8. Place the container into a liner with enough water. on the other hand, place in the cooker without keeping the whistle.

9. Steam for 35 minutes. try to add water to the liner on the off chance that water polishes in the middle between.

10 .Remove the aluminum foil and look at in the event that the toothpick embedded tells the truth.

11. Refrigerate the kharvas for an hour or till it sets totally.

12. Unmould the kharvas cautiously, you can see abundance water isolating.

13. Finally, slice to wanted pieces and serve moment kharvas/junnu.

Cary Grant
Cary Grant
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