Singapore Hor Fun Noodles are seared rice noodles in a slurpy, thick egg sauce that is a vendor exemplary in Singapore.
All things considered, not exactly. This is regularly found in zi scorch slows down, yet individuals seldom would arrange this for, suppose, lunch. Or possibly I’ve not seen many individuals request this during office lunch hours, not at all like Chicken Rice, Fried Rice, Wantan Noodles, Salad, you get it.
My own involvement in Hor Fun noodles have been family suppers at a vendor place, where we would arrange a variety of fish dishes. For carbs, we would arrange egg broiled rice, and a plate of these hor fun noodles.

Step by step instructions

I like getting a decent scorch on my seared noodles first – to get that wok hei impact. I don’t have a wok nor a major thundering fire at home, so I do the following best thing, which is allowing the carefully prepared noodles to sit on the search for gold while, and permit the intensity to caramelize all the yummy soy sauce on the noodles. Not the specific wok hei impact, however close.

The most effective method to GET SILKY, STRINGY EGGS

You can find two forms of the sauce, an eggy one and a plain no-egg variant. By and by I lean toward the eggy form. The eggs are whirled into the sauce to get a pretty, satiny, tacky impact. To do this, include the eggs while giving the stock a delicate mix in one course.


This is best presented for certain cured green chillies. Simple to make, and fab to keep in the refrigerator. Basically hack up a few green chillies, and add bubbling water to it. Allow it to sit for 5 minutes. Channel away high temp water, and add white vinegar, sugar and salt. Pop in the cooler to get a full pickle… yet I generally serve it right away :p. Tastes something similar to me, the main distinction is in variety. Served right away, the chillies have a similar green overshadowing. Passed on to pickle, your chillies will have more dull green shade.



400 grams Flat Rice Noodles
1 tbsp Light Soy Sauce
1 tbsp Kicap Manis


2 Cloves Garlic, hacked
1 inch Ginger, cut
800ml Chicken Stock
2 tbsps Oyster Sauce
2 tbsp Light Soy Sauce
1 tsp sugar
Cornstarch slurry (1-2 tbsps cornstarch + 2-3 tbsps water)
Protein of decision: Chicken, Prawns, Crabsticks.
Vegetables of Choice: Carrots and Chye Sim
2 Eggs


1. Pan sear the rice noodles or kway teow noodles first. In a dish, add oil, and once hot, include the rice noodles.
2. Include a tablespoon of light soy sauce, and a tablespoon of dull soy sauce or kicap manis.
3. Allow the noodles to sit on the prospect bit, around 1 moment or something like that.

4. when you flip the noodles over, there ought to be an earthy colored caramelisation occurring.
5. Take noodles off the skillet.
6. In a similar now-void skillet, add more oil. When it’s hot, add ginger and garlic.
7. Once fragrant, include chicken and let it cook.
8. Then, include prawns and crabstick, or any fish of decision. Add clam sauce and light soy sauce.
9. Then, include carrots and stems of the Chye Sim. Let that cook for some time prior to including the 10. 10. verdant piece of the Chye Sim.
11. Add chicken stock.
12. When the stock bubbles, season with sugar, and salt assuming you really want.
13. Give the stock a delicate mix. While you’re tenderly mixing, gradually include whisked eggs.
14. At last, include cornstarch slurry.
15. To collect, add sautéed noodles on a plate first. Soak noodles with egg sauce. Done!


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