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How to Make Eco-friendly Birthday Gifts

In recent years, it is increasingly becoming essential to consumers that product brands possess an eco-friendly mindset. From baby feeding supplies to baby gear, eco-friendly products exist in virtually every category. This guide will show you how to come up with thoughtful eco-friendly birthday gifts for your little ones that any papa or mama would be excited to receive.

Do it yourself gifts

There is nothing better than homemade gifts. Irrespective of what it is, it portrays that you invested plenty of effort and thought into it. If you possess some craft skills, you can make all forms of useful and beautiful presents. For instance, you can make newborn baby clothes using cotton cloth. Designing your own is the best way of making sure that you get an eco-friendly and affordable gift.

Soaps and bathing products

Natural baby products are the best because even parents who’re not eco-conscious still pick chemical-free and natural products for their children. Nappy cream and soap are great items that babies require and there are numerous plastic-free and sustainable options in the market.

Besides soaps, you may want to find something for the new mom. Here, you can consider nipple cream, moisturizers, bath salts, or lip balm. All these products are plastic-free and are provided by eco-friendly brands.

Reusable baby care products

Baby care tends to create plentiful waste. Therefore, it is important to consider reusable substitutes that look amazing and are super useful. A great example is getting funky cloth nappies if you know that the parents are intending to try them out. Baby clothes are available in all forms of natural fabrics and they’re handier as compared to wipes.

Alternatively, you can decide to search for reusable breast pads for the mum. These items are available in stunning patterns and can be used as great, sustainable birth gifts, and will be genuinely useful.

Ethical clothing

Babies tend to receive plenty of clothing during baby showers although there’s a use for great, quality staple items like leggings and onesies. Here, find items that are produced from baby-friendly and sustainable materials like organic cotton or merino wool. When buying newborn baby clothes, you should look for adorable and ethically made clothes and if possible, get a few sizes up. New parents will find this quite helpful because they tend to receive myriads of newborn-sized clothes but are short of larger sizes.


Since art can be quite a personal purchase, ensure that you know the new parents well. But a great picture that has the name and birthdate of the baby can make quite a lovely personal baby gift.


Although they are not strictly baby gifts, plants are quite sustainable and can be a lovely way of commemorating the birth of a newborn. For example, when you gift something such as a fruit tree that will grow with the baby, it can be a very beautiful gift because it will keep on giving as it bears fruits.


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