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How to Create a Bathroom Remodeling Budget

As the bathroom is one of the most important rooms in a home, you should take care to make it look nice. You can do this by remodeling your bathroom and installing new fixtures such as cabinets, toilets, and showers. Remodeling your bathroom may cost you anywhere from $5,000-$20,000 depending on how much work needs to be done.  It’s important to have a budget for your affordable bath remodel project because you want to make sure that you are getting value out of every penny spent on this type of project. 

Determine the Scope of Work for your Bathroom Remodel Project

You’ll want this done before anything else is started or purchased. The scope of work is a document that dictates exactly what you want to be done in the bathroom and how it will be completed. This includes tile color, flooring material, paint colors for walls, cabinets to be installed or removed from the room, new fixtures such as toilets or sinks being added or taken away.

Estimate the Cost of Materials, Labor, and Other Expenses

For some projects, you’ll need to get a budget estimate from more than one contractor. Several factors go into how much it will cost for materials and labor, including the size of your bathroom, what type of flooring material is being used (tile vs. wood), and whether or not any plumbing work needs to be done, such as adding new fixtures, unclogging drains or fixing leaks. You may also have additional expenses like needing to purchase building permits if necessary before beginning construction on your project.

Compare Multiple Quotes to find a Contractor

Once you have a budget estimate, it’s time to compare multiple contractors’ quotes (and budgets). This is the point where you will choose which contractor has the best price for your project without sacrificing quality artistry or materials used in their quote. Some important questions that should be asked during this process are:

  • Has this company done other bathroom remodeling projects like mine?  If so, how many were completed on time with no additional costs added on after completion of the initial contract?
  • What type of warranty(s) do they offer if anything goes wrong with my project down the road?  How long does the coverage last, and what specifically is covered under this warranty agreement?
  • Does include in the estimate is a permit to make sure my project can be completed?  If not, how much will it cost to obtain this, and what does that money pay for?
  • What types of payment options do they offer if I don’t have enough cash on hand to pay all at once but would like them to start work on my project?
  • What should I expect for added costs for the remodel that could pop up along the way, and how do they plan to deal with those potential issues before they happen?  Will there be a change order fee if more than one contract needs to be signed, or does this company have an emergency fund in a place where the company will cover all additional charges?

Create a Payment Schedule with your Contractor 

Once you have found a contractor that offers the best price and has an excellent track record, it’s time to start negotiating your project contract. It is recommended that you only offer 25-30% of the total amount upfront, with payments being made in stages as work progresses on your project. This will ensure payment for labor provided at each stage of your project while also protecting you if your contractor cannot complete the job for any reason.

Stick to the Plan

Once you have a contractor selected, stick to the plan outlined for your bathroom remodel project. The last thing anyone wants is for this type of job to be delayed or, worse yet, not completed because there are disputes between homeowners and contractors over things like tile colors being used vs. what was originally agreed upon.

Your bathroom remodel doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. With careful planning and the right tools, you can get your dream bathroom without breaking the bank.


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