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How To Be A Responsible Pet Owner

Every animal is different which means being responsible for that pet will mean different things to different species. However we have gathered a couple of simple things that all pet owners should keep in mind. So whether you’re looking for an affectionate lap dog, or elite protection dogs for sale, make sure to follow these tips on how to be a responsible dog owner.


If you own an animal that wanders around by itself (like a cat) or is taken out of the home (like a dog), then you should microchip it. This means adding a small metal device under their skin.

This way, if your pet gets stolen or lost a vet can scan the microchip and learn where to find you. The microchip will have the owner’s name, address and phone number so that reuniting your lost loved one will be easy.

Poop Bags

If you take any animal on a walk through the park, you need to be aware of their waste. Keep an eye on them at all times. If your dog poops in the park without you seeing it, you are still responsible to pick up their waste. 

Leaving the waste is both illegal and unpleasant for everyone using the area.

If you are worried about the amount of plastic bags used in picking up animal waste, then make the switch to compostable poop bags. They are just as cheap and more widely available than ever before.

Pre Planning Locations

If you are taking your animal to a location, then you should first learn if they accept that animal. You might think it’s fine to tie up your dog as you pop into a supermarket, but if the store doesn’t expressly say you can do this, then you could end up breaking their customer relations. If you are allowed to take your pet on the premises, you might want to try a pet stroller. This will stop your dog from snooping around the area.

Be Aware of Temperatures

If you own a reptile, then you’ll know that they need to have their tank within a certain temperature which is often unexpect in our homes. Be sure to keep an eye on this temperature daily and correct any dips or growths before they become a problem.

The same goes for more flexible animals. If you know that a heatwave is coming or a cold snap is around the corner, then prepare your home for the changes.

This could mean adding more water stations for your pets, buying ice to keep the water cool, or installing heaters to raise the temperature.

If you leave your pet in the car, you should be aware that car temperatures can rise surprisingly quickly. Keeping a crack in the window will not regulate the temperature enough to prevent fatalities. Because of this, we suggest never leaving a pet in a vehicle unattended.

Be Respectful Of Other Pets

If you know your dog can handle being off the lead, as they are a friendly pooch, don’t expect other dogs to be just as easily handled. If you see a dog on a lead, you should respect the owner’s decision to keep them close. It could be that this dog isn’t friendly and is slowly learning to trust other people and animals. Allowing your pet to mingle with this leashed dog could ruin their training.

As mindful animal owners, we should understand that not every family has the same control over their animals as we do. Some animals might be rescued, and some might run wild in their own home. To protect our animals and respect others, we should take the owner’s lead and follow their mentality.

Remember, a leashed dog might not be friendly. Keep your animals away.


Every animal, should it be a cat, a tarantula, a horse, or a hamster, should have a vet. If you put your animal on their registry before they become injured or sick, then you will have a better chance of them being seen as quickly as possible.

Being added to a veterinary register also means that you will receive reminders for vaccinations, flea treatments, and other recurring medications to keep your pet fit and healthy.


Even if you have a short-haired labrador, their coat still needs to be brushed, washed, and kept in check. 

A common growing misconception is that animals don’t need to be groomed, but they will develop skin problems without this daily care. A gentle bath with animal-appropriate shampoo, along with some soothing scratches from animal-specific hairbrushes, will be a wonderful experience for your pet and will keep their skin healthy and hair luscious. Residing in Miami? Get the best Miami pet mobile grooming services at your doorstep.

If you have ever gone to a groomer and been disappointed that they shaved off your dog’s wonderful hair, it’s because they have found mats. If the mats are left as they are, then it could develop into infections or skin diseases.


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