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A Complete Guide To Natural Fertility In Melbourne

A person can do innumerable fun things in Melbourne with their kids, and Melbourne is a great family-friendly destination. If you’re looking for fun kids activities or events, a museum to visit for the day, a place to stay for a weekend away with family, Melbourne is the perfect destination! That’s why several couples prefer natural fertility in Melbourne.  

The act of becoming pregnant is only one aspect of fertility. A couple’s shift from childbearing mindset to parenting mindset starts long before conception to become fertile. A couple’s passion for creating a family begins long before birth. An intense desire to ignite new life in your heart and body serves as an invitation to the new soul (or a parcel of cosmic energy).

Garbha Sambhava Samagri: The Four Essential Elements of Fertility:

Seed (egg and sperm) quality is critical to the practice of Ayurveda. Ayurveda compares human conception to the sprouting, germination, and growth of a seed into a sapling, one of its most famous teaching analogies. The embryo (garbha) is created when the male and female seeds unite, and the soul ignites life into the union. Besides the female seed, the mother also provides the ‘soil’ for the seed to grow, namely, nutrients and moisture in the womb and the good growing season.

The following four determining factors must therefore be in harmony to facilitate a successful conception:


Essentially, Ambu means the supply of water, which is what a healthy placenta and umbilical cord provide to the baby, both blood and nutrients (Rakta and Rasa). In addition to the nutrients that nourish the children, experts can expand the definition of Ambu to encompass the nutrients that nourish their parents. Foods high in macro-and micronutrients, clean water, and hormone production are all necessary for human development. Ojas means the essence of life and vitality and is, therefore, the culmination of all the good things reaching the tissues. So the better the Ambu, the more influential the Ojas.


In terms of a disease-free and otherwise healthy womb (uterus), fertile land/field is called the Kshetra. Similar to the Rutu or timing, the Field can represent a healthy environment, a healthy body, as well as the uterus itself. If you improve your Field generally, the more successful you will be.


In women, Rutu refers to the ideal season/timing of conception based on the fertile period. In general, most couples pay the most attention to this one factor. It will start a fundamental question: Are you ready? When you follow a woman’s menstrual cycle and determine when ovulation occurs, this process continues. Humans are also naturally more fertile during springtime, along with many other animals. Choosing a Rutu period that is at least as comfortable for you as possible is also essential, for instance, your work schedule, finances, help availability, etc., all of which require the Rutu to be tailored to your circumstances.


Beej (Seed) is the same name for egg and sperm. The reproductive system is one of the final tissues to develop according to Ayurvedic embryology. As we digest and process food, thoughts, and emotions, the beej tissue is regarded as the most refined and complete tissue found within. Therefore, perfection requires the best, from the best food to the best thoughts to the best surroundings. It is crucial for men, as their environment heavily influences sperm production and matures in a 2.5 monthly cycle. At the same time, the eggs are produced during a woman’s development in her mother’s womb.

Get In Touch With The Best Experts For Natural Fertility In Melbourne!

The Ayurvedic conception care program helps improve general health, address pre-existing conditions, and unite the four essentials into a harmonious whole by optimizing nutrition, detoxification, lifestyle changes, stress management, and natural medicine.

An Ayurvedic clinic offers its patients an integrated approach that may include referrals to medical specialists and alternative health providers, depending on the individual’s or couple’s needs. Ayurvedic treatments might consist of therapeutic massage, acupuncture, reiki, and physiotherapy.

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