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Extra Features of iTop VPN

It is rare to get a free VPN service that offers you an excellent collection of features. A thing to know is that the more features a utility has, the friendlier it is to use. ITop VPN matches this description.

When you have it on your device, you will appreciate its notable attributes, such as ease of use and flexibility. The good news is that there is more to iTop VPN.

Hang on as we look at other niceties features that iTop VPN will offer you.

Free Streaming Service

One of the things that will have you tagging iTop as the best free VPN for Windows is that you can use it for free streaming services. You can catch your favorite networks, like Netflix, BBC Player, HBO, and Showtime.

If you love uninterrupted entertainment sessions, iTop will have you sorted out. A thing to note is that you can access the services from any part of the world, as iTop is accessible in different countries. A contributing factor is the presence of over 1800 servers worldwide.

Enhanced Privacy Protection

If you want to browse in private, iTop is the go-to utility. It has plenty of features that ensure you browse privately, without any data leaks. A crucial element that will protect you from data leakage is the kill switch. It comes in handy when the VPN accidentally goes off.

It protects your data during this vulnerable moment. Moreover, iTop has an ad and tracker blocking accessories. As such, there are minimal chances of getting stubborn ads on your device or trackers that can restrict access to specific sites.

The icing on the cake is that it will also offer malware protection; thus, you have a guarantee that your device and data are secure.

Hide My IP Address

Your IP address can give information on your location and computer identity. You can beat this using this VPN for Windows. There is an IP address checker, which shows your address and location. You can select the option to hide it to safeguard your surfing information.

It is excellent for your security.

The Blog Section

From the blog section, you get impressive articles that give you an idea of using the VPN service. There are also remarkable tips on maximizing your privacy and security.

The Affiliate Program

If you want a chance to earn as you use the service, there is the affiliate program. If you have a blog or website, you place iTop’s banners for access by your site’s visitors. It works like a referral program, and upon a successful referral, you get a commission.

You can sign up for the program to understand what it entails.


ITop leaves up to its reputation of being a top VPN service to have for your Windows PC. Here, we look at some of the extra features of this VPN that you may mistakenly fail to see. They introduce you to a new dimension of this utility.

Download iTop VPN for free and sample out its greatness in giving you a secure browsing experience.

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