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9 Ways to Add a Chill Vibe to Your Bedroom

Your bedroom should feel like a sanctuary. It’s the place where you lay your head down every night to rest and greet every new day. It’s usually the last place your guests will see and the place where some of your most personal items lay. 

Your bedroom is your escape from the real world, so ensuring that you feel comfortable and at peace when you’re in it is important for your mental health and wellbeing. So, here are nine ways to add a chill vibe to your bedroom! 

  1. Chill lighting 

If you want to immediately feel a sense of calm when you enter your room, you need to give your eyes a break as soon as you walk through the door. Dim lighting is easy on the eyes and helps prepare you for rest. 

Get yourself some LED strips or twinkling Christmas tree lights to line your bed, bookshelves, window, or ceiling for a chilled-out vibe. 

Salt lamps are another great option if you’re looking for a lamp that produces lower amounts of light -just don’t try to sprinkle that salt on your food! 

If you’re short on lamps, there’s nothing wrong with natural light. During the day, natural light will make your room more welcoming, and in the evenings, your room will beckon you to sleep. 

  1. Use soothing colors

Different colors affect the mind in various ways. Soothing colors like lavender, blues with grey undertones, neutral colors like beige and off-whites as wall paint will bring a sense of balance and calm to a room. 

Choose a color that will work with your bedding and furniture. Having a color scheme, in general, will help your room feel more cohesive. In addition, neutral colors blend well with wood finishes. 

Whatever you go with, make sure it’s a color you won’t mind looking at for the next several years!

  1. The calmness of nature

If you love nature as much as we do, you’ll definitely find a sense of calm from having some house plants in your bedroom. Start with an easy-to-maintain house plant like a succulent, and work your way up to raising a bonsai tree if you’re up to it! 

Plants add a natural calm to any space, and caring for them on a regular basis will always give you a reason to be present. And, of course, some plants can even go a long way in purifying the air in your home!

  1. Enhance the aromas 

Your sense of smell plays a huge role in how you feel, so use that to your advantage! Use candles or incense to transport you to the mountains of Tibet or the rolling landscapes of Appalachia. 

Flowers not only bring brightness and life but also subtle, pleasant aromas that can chill your spirit out on even the most stressful of days. 

Whatever relaxing scents you decide to introduce into your sanctuary, it’s probably better than dirty laundry -that’s for sure! 

  1. Add personal items

While having all the cliche “chill” items in your bedroom is great, personal items will distinguish your bedroom from any other room in a magazine photo. Your bedroom is just that -YOUR bedroom, so make it yours by keeping your most precious items safe and sound within its walls. 

Whether it’s a musical instrument, a book collection, a vintage turntable, or a set of figurines, adding your own personal flair will automatically give the room a chiller vibe. 

  1. Patterned pillows

Creating a chill vibe in your bedroom requires a nice balance between visual stimulation and calm. When you walk in, you want your brain to be just interested enough to appreciate the space while still having room to relax. 

If you’re looking to create a little more visual interest, skip the plain-colored pillows and go for something exotically patterned. Patterns will catch the eye and bring some creative energy into the room. Just make sure they complement your existing color scheme! 

  1. Wall art

Even if your walls are a calm and soothing color, there’s nothing wrong with spicing things up by hanging some artwork. Sometimes a piece of artwork that speaks to you is all you need to thoroughly chill out, so why not have it hanging in your bedroom?

You can fill a single wall entirely with artwork or use one or two pictures as accent pieces around the room. Hang traditional artwork or find a patterned tapestry you love to cover an entire wall. 

When it comes to decorating, you know what calms you down, so go with your gut! 

  1. Add a rug

Nothing says “chill,” quite like a nice patterned rug. It will help to cut down on echoey sound reflections in your room, making the space a little quieter -all while keeping your toes nice and cozy! 

A rug will help break up the cold monotony of a solid-colored floor, so if you need to add some chilled-out color and life to your room, consider adding a rug!

  1. Declutter

While bringing various items into your bedroom can certainly add a sense of chill, decluttering is the best way to accomplish this. In short, a chill room is a clean room. Minimize the amount of stuff in your room without compromising coziness -you still need to sleep!

Many times, our bedrooms become a reflection of our minds. The more stuff we have thrown everywhere, the more thoughts we have floating in our heads. So if you want to clear your head, try clearing out your bedroom a little bit. 

Keep in mind, though -having a totally empty space might feel cold and unwelcoming to one person while feeling completely serene to another. Just know the balance that works for you! 


If you’re having trouble getting comfortable in your own bedroom, try adding some chill vibes. Whether you moved into a new house or just want to make some changes, following these nine tips will help make your bedroom feel chill, cozy, and safe! 

Author Bio

Adam Marshall is a freelance writer who specializes in all things apartment organization, real estate, and college advice. He currently works with Sorrento to help them with their online marketing.

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