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Best Tattoo Artist In Alabama

Permanent body art is more than simply a passing trend. It’s the ideal way for many people in Alabama to express themselves, preserve a memory, or show off their own personality. Not to be taken lightly is the decision to get a tattoo. Because, let’s face it, removal is unpleasant, you’ll have to live with your selected piece of art for the rest of your life. You can make the most of your money and make sure you have a stunning tattoo to show for your efforts by visiting one of these top 10 tattoo studios in Alabama.

Steven Haynes

One of Alabama’s well-known tattoo artists is Bryan Haynes. He’s the proprietor of Classic 13 Tattoo. He primarily combines Traditional, Neo-Traditional, New School, Celtic, Japanese, Custom lettering, etc. in his tattoos. Bryan started creating tattoos in 2001.

Schedule a visit before coming. Bryan’s Instagram and Classic 13 Tattoo Studio profiles both allow you to view examples of his work.

Alyssa Watkins

One of the top female tattoo artists is Brittanya Watkins. She is employed at Alabama’s Classic 13 Tattoo Studio as well. She mostly uses the Watercolor, Neo-Traditional, and Sacred Geometry tattoo trends. 2009 marked the beginning of Brittanya Watkins’ tattooing career. Visit her Instagram, Pinterest, and Classic 13 Tattoo Studio profiles to see her creations.

Stephen Ashcraft

Tattoo artist Greg Ashcraft is well-known. As the proprietor and manager of Skinworx Tattoo Studio, he is well-known. He has developed his artistic abilities to the point where he now solely performs intricate artistic tattoos.

Greg Ashcraft primarily uses cover-up, portrait, animal, little and huge traditional motifs in his tattoos. He took his time to make sure the tattoo was accurate and excellent.

Jeremy Wims

One of Alabama’s top tattoo artists is Jarvis Wims. He is an employee of Villain Arts. The majority of Jarvis’ creations are humorous anime, photorealism, and portraits. Additionally recognised were Jarvis’ designs and tattoo artwork. To learn more about his creations, visit his Facebook and Instagram sites.

Andrew Peterson

One of the qualified tattoo artists is Peter Anderson. He specialises in black-and-grey portrait tattoos, photo realism, and traditional American tattoos. Peter has performed work at The Bell Rose Tattoo & Piercing over the years. His creations are imaginative and charming-looking as well.

The majority of techniques focus on flowers, nature, and quotes. By scheduling a visit, you can visit his studio. Peter shares his ideas on Pinterest and portfolio websites in an effort to select the finest design.

Michael Cortinas

One of the skilled tattoo artists is Marcos Cortinas. He has several years of experience working at Classic 13 Tattoo. However, Marcos has been inking since that year. He has an outstanding reputation among clients thanks to his knowledge and distinctive capacity for identifying insights. He is available for visits on Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays at Birmingham’s Classic13 Tattoo Studio. To see Marcos’ most recent and beautiful designs, visit his Instagram profile.

Sarah Graham

Another well-known tattoo artist that is female is Susanna Graham. She works at the Art I Facts studio as a tattoo and body artist. The majority of Susanna’s tattoos use conventional geometric designs and themes of nature and the wild. She is also capable of creating beautiful, elaborate tattoos. You can view her designs on her Instagram profile or the official Art I Facts website.

Elizabeth Dearmon

One of the top body piercers and tattoo artists at The Bell Rose Tattoo & Piercing Studio is Emily Dearmon. She specialises in walk-in and cover-up tattoos as well as bespoke work in American traditional, Black and Grey, Japanese, portraiture, photorealism, and other styles.

You must schedule an appointment earlier if you want to visit her for body piercing or custom tattoo design. The majority of Emily Dearmon’s creations are inspired by flowers, the natural world, and wildness. To select your own tattoo, check out her profile.

Huntsville, Alabama’s Art-I-Facts

Both novice tattoo enthusiasts and seasoned tattoo junkies extol the virtues of their visits to this premier tattoo parlour. Their expert painters always go above and beyond to be original and creative, and they are renowned for producing distinctive, vibrant artwork that can help you make a statement. Prices are excellent and service is prompt and effective.

Phenix City, Alabama’s Skin Traditions

Whether you need a quick fix or want to start from scratch, you’re in the correct place. They can take care of tattoos of all shapes and sizes, including one-of-a-kind artwork that you may be pleased to display. They’re also a one-stop piercing parlour.

Pelham, AL’s Skinworx Tattoo Studio

Tattoos seem so lifelike and crisp you’d believe they were alive! You’ll be impressed by the excellent work these tattoo artists produce, and you’ll value the attention to detail they put into each tattoo to make it stand out. This high degree of artistry you’ll discover here is unequalled in the area—and priced inexpensively.

Birmingham, Alabama’s Classic 13 Tattoo

One of the most well-known places in the neighbourhood is Bham’s go-to piercing and tattoo parlour. People have been visiting this location for years because of the skilled artisans who take care in their work. Even if you’re not quite ready to have an injection, just visiting their portfolio collections is worthwhile.

Ink by Blue Rose, Huntsville, Alabama

To ensure that there is always someone accessible to help you, several artists collaborate in the same business. To stay current on the newest trends and methods, their tattoo artists frequently attend classes and workshops. Naturally, the outcome is that you can count on genuine pros to produce a work of art that is valuable to own for life.

Daphne, Alabama’s The Bell Rose Tattoo & Piercing

In order to guarantee that you receive the best possible artwork, their crew is meticulously recruited. Whether you want a simple tattoo or anything exceptional, you can pick from a total of seven artists. Even the most anxious person may relax in their quirky studio, which is kind of a work of art in and of itself.

Southside, Alabama’s Old School Ink Electric Tattoo

Their followers are insistent that they will only get their tattoos and body piercings from them. They offer a rare combination of promptness, friendliness, and affordability that not all tattoo studios can claim. You can anticipate top-notch custom design work deserving of a location on your body.

Anniston, Alabama: Artistic Addictions INK

Although the staff members are concentrated on their procedure, they also make sure you are aware of what to do after you leave the chair. They thoroughly go over aftercare instructions with you and can assist you in maintaining a beautiful tattoo for many years. Because of their reasonable prices and professionalism, customers adore visiting here.

Auburn, Alabama’s Against All Odds Tattoo & Piercing

You just cannot go wrong with a group of internationally recognised tattoo artists. Nothing short of perfection is produced here, and you won’t get up from your chair until you’re happy. They provide the kind of service that other salons should aspire to.

Ink Revolution, Pelham, Alabama

Fans claim that although the tattoo artists in this shop are patient, they can also read minds because they “understand it.” From the moment you sit down until you leave with brand-new ink, the entire process is calming, fun, and friendly. The best approach to make your idea come to life is to be able to express it.