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6 Reasons Why A Team SWOT Analysis Is Important

A team SWOT analysis is important because it helps you make the best strategic decisions for your team. SWOT stands for your team’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. By completing this kind of analysis, you will be better prepared to take advantage of opportunities that appear and avoid pitfalls that may arise. Here are 6 reasons why SWOT analysis is important for your team:

1. Opportunities In SWOT Analysis Prepares Your Team For Growth

Making a team SWOT analysis before you take your business to the next level is important because it will prepare you in case growth opportunities arise. Your team may experience unexpected success and this type of analysis helps you make the best decisions when this happens. You will be better prepared to decide if taking on more employees would be possible or restructuring current organizational charts might help with a larger workforce. The point is, don’t let growth catch you by surprise, complete a team SWOT analysis first! Knowing what kind of direction your business should steer towards can help you determine strategies that will allow for that much-needed expansion without sacrificing efficiency or profits.

2. A Comprehensive SWOT Analysis Clarifies Your Team’s Strengths & Weaknesses

Knowing where your strengths and weaknesses are is crucial to your success, especially if you are a small team with few employees. You can benefit greatly from knowing what sets you apart, as well as any weaknesses you may have that could lead to company failure.  If you know these things about your company, then you can do something about them and make the necessary changes.


3. Balance Between Your Team’s Strengths and Weaknesses With A Complete SWOT Analysis

This point ties into the second because a team SWOT analysis can help you understand how your strengths and weaknesses relate to each other. If you have more strengths than weaknesses it might be time to hire new employees so you can scale the number of projects being taken on at one time. If there are more weaknesses than strengths, it may be time for retraining, restructuring, or lay-off to balance the workload. You could even use your team’s strengths to improve the weaknesses. In either case, most teams will always have strengths and weaknesses, but completing a team SWOT analysis will give you insight as to what changes need to be made to ensure that your strengths always outweigh your weaknesses.

4. SWOT Analysis Helps You Know What To Expect From Employees

By completing a team SWOT analysis, you will know what your employees are capable of and which areas they need more help in. By knowing exactly where each of your employee’s strengths and weaknesses are, you will be able to better delegate tasks. If an employee is stronger at one particular task than another, then they can focus more of their time there without worrying about falling behind in the other area.

5. A Team SWOT Analysis Lets You Know Which Of Your Employees Are Ready For Promotion

If you have higher aspirations for your company’s success, you should know which employees are ready to head up a new department. You can make a SWOT analysis for a department and then identify the potential people who would be best suited to take on that job. By knowing these things about your employees, you will be able to make the best decisions regarding the future of your organization.


6. Threats In SWOT Analysis Helps Your Team Avoid Surprises

Your team may face several different threats, some that are posed by the world around you and others from within your organization. Identifying these threats helps you see the risks that your team may be facing at present or shortly. A threat could be anything from a competitor to an economic downturn.  You can avoid getting caught off guard by having the relevant information that can guide you through any unexpected circumstances that will come up.

SWOT Analysis Examples

Here are examples of a Team SWOT analysis that you can use to help get started with your analysis. You may not have all the information about your team just yet, but you can fill in what might be missing later on.


– Our team is extremely creative in brainstorming new ideas to increase profits.

– We have a lot of experience in this industry and know what works best for our customers.

– Most of our team have stayed with us for more than five years. This shows that they are loyal and happy with their jobs.


– We can be too critical of bad ideas and do not give enough credit to good ones. This often leads to employees feeling discouraged and quitting, or just becoming complacent with their work.

– The majority of our team will be retiring over the next five years and we need to find a way to replace them.


– Our team is a talented group of individuals and we need to find a way to properly utilize their talents so they can continue being as productive as possible.

– The entertainment industry is always changing, which leads to opportunities for us to improve our services and meet the demands of the consumer.


– New technology could lead to a decrease in movie attendance, which would hurt our company.

– Other companies have started selling low-quality products at a much cheaper price than ours, making it harder to sell our products.

Bottom Line

It’s clear to see why this type of analysis is important but the only way to know all the benefits it has to offer is to complete one yourself! Venngage’s easy-to-use free templates could be just what you need to get started on that quality team SWOT analysis. Venngage is an intuitive free infographic maker that allows you to create SWOT analysis, presentations, and reports in minutes. Reap the benefits of making your team SWOT analysis today!

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