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Best Steakhouse In Alabama

Many of us immediately conjure up images of steakhouses with white tablecloths, tight dress codes, and hefty tabs at the end of the night. Others might imagine tripping over peanuts in fast food chains. Whatever image you may have of steakhouses, Alabama undoubtedly has several that you’ll enjoy.

We have a little bit of everything, which explains why. We have the traditional steakhouses where you go if you want to commemorate a significant event in your life. We have old ones that have served as pillars of their neighbourhoods for years. We even have a steakhouse right next to a community with a Western motif; however, I’ll get to that in a moment.

In an effort to spread the love among the state’s various cities and villages, we reduced this list of outstanding steakhouses in Alabama to just five locations. Of course, there are many more excellent steakhouses throughout the state that are also worth mentioning. Diamond People go from all around to eat at Jim’s and Mrs. Donna’s in Livingston because of their comfort food. Additionally, Michael’s Restaurant in downtown Birmingham offers dining with a rooftop view in addition to its must-try steaks.

BBQ and steakhouse Bull Pen

Oakman, 244 School St.

A must-visit steakhouse in Alabama is Bull Pen Steakhouse and BBQ near Oakman. Ashley Laurence A must-visit steakhouse in Alabama is Bull Pen Steakhouse and BBQ near Oakman. Ashley Laurence

Drive to the tiny village of Oakman to check out Bull Pen Steakhouse and BBQ if you’re searching for a steakhouse with a lot of personality. The eatery is located to a Western-themed hamlet full of trinkets and Walker County history, and it is run by coal miner Charles Richard “Bull” Corry. The area is rich in musical history, as many artists, like Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard, have performed there over the years.

Additionally, the steakhouse means business. It’s only open on Friday and Saturday nights, and people come from all over early to avoid the lengthy lines. Yes, the steak alone makes the trip worthwhile, but you must also have the fried green tomatoes, which are among the greatest you’ll ever have a chance to eat. Get ready: There will be enough left over for you to take home because portions are heaped.

John’s Steakhouse

A must-visit steakhouse in Alabama is George’s Steak Pit in Sheffield. Ashley Laurence Visit George’s Steak Pit and sample the cheesecake. Ashley Laurence

You’ve definitely visited George’s Steak Pit if you’ve lived in northwest Alabama and had a special event to commemorate. The 1956-opened restaurant features a welcoming-yet-stylish white-cloth ambiance that is ideal for celebrating life’s victories.

The fine-dining restaurant’s menu is stocked with popular steakhouse classics including surf and turf, fried calamari, and French onion soup. George’s uses a hickory pit to roast their meats, giving each one a smokey, upscale flavour. Roquefort bleu cheese salad spread is a distinctive menu item that shouldn’t be disregarded. You can buy some of the dressing to take home because it is made from the milk of lambs in southern France.

Big Restaurant Mike’s

So frequently, when we consider steakhouses, we picture travelling to a metropolis to purchase a pricey piece of meat. But Big Mike’s has shown that a classic steakhouse experience can be had without travelling very far or spending a significant amount of money.

Less than ten years ago, the first Big Mike’s Steakhouse opened in the small community of Thomasville, and it immediately became popular. On the menu, you’ll discover many steakhouse classics like the Big Mike, a 34-ounce ribeye topped with two generous dollops of butter. You won’t find a more delicious steak than this one. The steak is so excellent that it has won numerous statewide steak competitions, including the Alabama’s Best Steakhouse competition hosted by AL.com. Oysters, chicken meals, burgers, and Wickles fried pickles are all available. Yes, Wickles fried pickles were mentioned.

Considering that Big Mike’s continues to grow and now has locations all across the state, wherever you go, there’s certainly one close by.

Every Steak

Even the name of the restaurant, All Steak, has a fascinating history. In the 1930s, when the eatery relocated from Pulaski, Tennessee, to Cullman, Alabama, Millard Buchmann and Joe Shelton intended to call it All Steak Hamburgers. They could only afford $5 for an outdoor sign, and it would cost $10 to have “All Steak Hamburgers” painted on the sign. Instead, they reached an agreement with the painter for $5 and a sign that read “All Steak.”

Today, almost a century later, the restaurant is still operating. Even though its ownership has changed numerous times over the years, you can still find residents there chatting over steaks, cheeseburgers, and cocktails. Don’t forget the orange rolls either, of course. The delicious desserts are included in the Alabama Tourism Department’s list of 100 Dishes to Eat Before You Die.

Despite not strictly being a steakhouse, Dauphin’s offers the kind of entertainment and mouthwatering food you would expect from your favourite restaurant. Author: Sharon Steinmann

The best spot to go if you want a steak with a view is Dauphin’s. The French Creole-focused eatery is located on the 34th floor of the RSA Trustmark Building in downtown Mobile and offers stunning panoramas of Mobile Bay. Although it may not be a steakhouse in the strictest sense, it is unquestionably the place to go if you want to impress someone—after all, isn’t that what steakhouses are all about?

The fine-dining restaurant offers a variety of flavorful steak options, such as ribeye and steak Diane. Of course, there are lots of fresh seafood options available given you’re on the Gulf if a dining buddy isn’t in the mood for meat. You won’t want to miss out on dessert, which includes things like Priester’s crème brûlée and Key lime pie.

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