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Best Aquarium Heaters

We at ModestFish are constantly attempting to provide our visitors the most accurate and also up to date info that we can when it pertains to fish tank care and equipment.

Therefore, we made a decision to go really extensive as well as create a head-to-head comparison to discover the most effective aquarium heating system.

Many aquarists don’t have the moment, money or inclination to get multiple heating units as well as find out which one works the very best. They simply need to purchase one and also hope for the most effective.

So, we did the footwork for you so you have the best possible info prior to you spend your hard earned cash money.

1. Fluval E200 Digital Heating Unit (Leading Pick).

Installing this heating unit was a breeze. The suction cups on this point are remarkably solid. You can readjust the elevation of the brace that the suction cups connect by simply squeezing the sides of the heating system, just below the electronic display.

You do require to be mindful concerning placement. This heater is meant to have the leading 1/2 inch (1.25 centimeters) of the heating unit out of the water. Yet, the clever moving bracket makes this easy to accomplish.

This heater is made to be connected to the back wall of your tank, but if you require to connect it to a side wall surface, a brace for side placing is included.

Yet, you can not install this heating unit in a horizontal position since this would immerse the whole body of the heater. The red button on top is waterproof, yet not designed to remain submerged full-time.

The E200 comes preset to 77 ° F( 25 ° C), but it’s simple to readjust the temp. There is a red bar on top of the heating system, you just toggle it entrusted to reduce the temperature or right to enhance it.

I truly enjoy the electronic display screen on this heater. Not just does it make it very easy to set the temperature level, but it additionally shows the existing water temperature in real time. Additionally, if the water temp goes 5.5 ° F above or listed below the set temperature level, the display will blink to aid inform you to the problem.

The display screen also functions as an indication light. During regular standby setting, the LCD display will certainly be environment-friendly. If the temperature has actually gone down listed below the established temp, it will turn blue to show that the burner has actually turned on. If the temperature comes to be greater than what’s established, the LCD will certainly turn red.

I’ve had trouble while running this examination with some heating units being a bit underpowered, especially if they have a built in heating unit guard.

Nevertheless, that is not the case with this E200. It easily holds the water at 75 ° F.

Calibration was really easy. I establish the heating system to 75 ° F and that was it. It simply gradually maintained the water great and toasty, just the method I desired it.

I was able to simply set it as well as forget it. So nice!

I love the built-in heating unit guard. You can really feel the top quality of the thick plastic when you hold it in your hand.

I didn’t need to stress that my fish would unintentionally touch the heating element at all.

I only have two little points to whine about.

First, the heating tub below the heating system guard is constructed from glass. This makes it prone to breaking or ruining.

Be specifically careful when you take this heating system out of the water. If the heating tube is hot, and also it is all of a sudden secured of the water, it might fracture.

Additionally, this heating system does not have a dry sensing unit. The instructions emphasize consistently that this heating unit must never be allowed to run out of the water.

If it is enabled to run outside of the water, unplug it and let it cool for a minimum of a hr. Putting the heating unit back right into the water while it’s incredibly warm could cause the glass tube to smash (this holds true of any type of glass or ceramic heater).

However truthfully, all of the good points of this heating system far surpass any downsides. This is my top choice out of all the heating units I tried for this experiment. I extremely advise it.


Easy to review digital display screen.

Durable, built-in heating unit guard.

Display flashes if storage tank is too hot/cold by 5.5 ° F. Simple installment with powerful suction cups.

3-way sign light that shows active home heating setting, standby setting or overheat alert.

Establish it as well as forget it calibration.


No dry sensor.

Internal heating unit tube is made of glass.

SALEFluval E200 Advanced Electronic Heating Unit, 100-Watt Heating System for Aquariums as much as 65 Gal., A773.

Fluval E200 Advanced Electronic Heating Unit, 100-Watt Heating System for Aquariums as much as 65 Gal., A773.

2. Hygger 200W Digital Quartz Fish Tank Heater.

This heater is a bit various than the others on the list. Rather than simply a single, self-supporting unit, this heater is comprised of three components:.

Home heating unit.

Temperature level probe.

Control unit.

The heating system looks much like any other aquarium heating system, although it is much smaller than the majority of fish tank heating units. It features it’s very own integrated heating system guard that will shield fish from touching the real burner as well as burning themselves.

The temperature level probe rests at the end of a thick cord that you suck cup to the rear of the container. It’s generally a temperature sensor that sends out info to the control unit.

The control unit has a display screen that shows the current temperature of the storage tank. The temperature level probe is hardwired into the control system, yet the home heating system really connects into it with the same kind of pronged plug you would certainly use with an electric wall surface outlet.

The control system turns power on and off to the home heating unit. Without the control unit, the burner would simply remain on constantly and also overheat the tank. Never ever utilize the home heating unit without the control unit!

I also had to rip off points for longevity. Underneath the heater guard is a glass heating unit. The guard needs to help shield the glass somewhat from unintentional bumps, however the glass is still vulnerable to fracturing from things like quick temperature level adjustments.

This heating system does have an overheat sensor, yet I still gave it a ranking of only 1. The overheat sensor will not shut the heating system down up until the water temperature level gets to 97 ° F( 36 ° F). Any fish in the storage tank would be long dead before the water reached this temperature.

Likewise, the sensing unit doesn’t seem to discover when the heater is running beyond the water because there are many records of this heater melting if it runs outside the storage tank.

Installing this heater takes a bit more job since you have to install all 3 components. The temperature probe and the heating system are very easy to suction cup to the within the container.

Yet, placing the control system is a major pain. It’s supposed to suction mug to the side of the container but I’ve had only misfortune with this.

The suction mug for the control module coincides as the ones that you make use of to affix the home heating unit inside the container. The ones inside the storage tank job terrific, however it simply is not solid enough to stand up the surprisingly hefty control till.

I have 2 of these heating units and also the suction mugs for both control units simply will certainly not sit tight. They’ll stay with the glass when you initially established the heating unit up, however after a few days, it will diminish as well as keep diminishing.

I resolved this in both cases by mounting a plastic thumb tack either on the wall surface behind the container or on the side of the wood container stand. Not the most elegant remedy, yet it’s easy as well as you can’t see the thumb tack behind the control component.

Additionally, regardless of being rated as a 200 watt heating system, the Hygger Quartz heating unit battled to preserve a consistent temperature in my 55 gallon (it does terrific in my 40 gallon). There’s tons of water circulation in this container, as well as truthfully, I have actually not had this issue with various other 200 watt heating units.

To get the storage tank to keep at 75 ° F, I had to bump up the temp on the control unit to 77 ° F. I did have to adjust it two times after installing to bump up the temperature (I would certainly offer it four hrs and then check back on the temperature).

And also it still didn’t ever before warm the tank to specifically 75 ° F, it was either a bit as well warm or a bit too cool. And also since you can only transform the temp setup by whole degrees, there’s no other way to fine-tune it additionally.

So, I really like the design with the built in heating system guard, but this design does have some concerns that knock it down in the scores.


Uses up much less room.

Integrated in heating unit guard.

Easy to establish temp.

Indicator light for both standby as well as energetic heating settings.


Outside suction cup not solid sufficient.

Extremely difficult to calibrate.

Somewhat inconsistent temperature level.

Overheat removed takes place at too high a temp.

No completely dry sensing unit.

3. Fluval M200 Submersible Heater.

I have a great deal of experience with this certain heater. I have actually owned a number of Fluval M heating units, of different sizes, over the years.

Installation is actually simple, the installing bracket with suction mugs is currently attached to the heating system tube.

All you need to do is open the plan and also stick the heater to the back glass, very easy peasy.

I do need to knock it a bit on longevity since it is a glass heater, although already, I have actually never cracked among these.

The glass has a mirror surface that is expected to allow it blend in better and also be much less noticable. I can’t really attest to that, I can entirely still see that the heating system remains in the container.

Certainly, this is entirely subjective, but I believe that the mirror surface and also slim account do lend the M200 a fancy, modern-day look that I really like.

Unfortunately, no constructed in heating unit guard for this model. However, given that it’s so nice and also slim, you can fit it with an aftermarket heating system guard, if you would certainly like.

This heating unit has a good, clear temperature level dial on the top of the heating system.

I had to adjust the calibration a little bit, yet all it took were 2 tries and after that I got it to hold the water at a steady 75 ° F.

This heating system does have an indicator light, however only for active warm mode, not standby.

Around, if you desire a basic traditional style tube heating system that does the job, you can not go wrong with this Fluval M200.


Slim, modern-day look.

Easy to review temperature level dial.

Super very easy installment.


No heating unit guard.

Glass heating system that can break.

No overheat or completely dry sensor.

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