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Best Bread Knife

While chef’s blades are understood for being cooking area go-tos, there’s one more multipurpose device worth including in your collection: the bread blade. In spite of its name, this type of knife can really be utilized for so much greater than just cutting crusty loaves of bread. They’re versatile sufficient to puncture juicy tomatoes, fragile pastries, thick cakes, and also more.

Because there are so many kinds of bread knives offered online, we reached out to expert cooks to obtain their suggestions on which ones are actually worth purchasing. No matter how knowledgeable you are in the cooking area, there’s bound to be a serrated bread blade on this list that satisfies your needs. From a budget friendly hot seller on Amazon to one from a popular direct-to-customer brand, these are the best bread knives of 2021:

When shopping for bread knives, there are a couple of various aspects to think about before making a decision. If you already have a favored knife brand name that you constantly reach for, you can simply pick its serrated bread blade. Otherwise, you’ll intend to very first think about just how much you want to spend because the bread blades on this listing variety from $17 to $155. Then make a decision for how long of a blade you require. “I discover a 7-to-9-inch blade will certainly manage most breads,” claims Gerry Klaskala, cook as well as proprietor of Aria in Atlanta. Yet “if your preference is substantial loaves of bread, you’re going to require a longer blade.”

Keep reading for more information regarding each of the very best bread blades, from expert-approved brands like Wüsthof, Shun, and also Mercer.

Ideal Overall: Mercer Culinary Millennia 10-inch Wavy Side Bread Blade

Not only is this cost effective bread blade by Mercer an best-seller, however the brand name itself comes highly advised by several chefs. It’s made from a single item of high-carbon Japanese steel, which implies it “holds a sharp side for a long time,” claims Eric Brownlee, executive cook at The Katharine in Winston-Salem, NC. The take care of (which is readily available in 8 various shades) is made with a combination of plastic as well as rubber that’s easy to hold, particularly thanks to the distinctive holds that protect against slipping. “This blade excels when it’s time to gently slice via 3 slices of toasted bread piled with crunchy bacon, soft tomatoes, lettuce, and also meats,” Brownlee claims. As well as with rates starting at just $17, the Mercer bread blade is additionally an incredibly excellent worth.

Most Versatile: Victorinox Swiss Army Fibrox 10.25-inch Bread Knife

Whether you’re slicing delicate breads, rich cakes, or thick-crusted bread, the Fibrox blade from Victorinox Swiss Military can manage almost any kind of task. “It’s an extremely versatile knife for all breads and practical for cooks of all degrees,” says Dan Grunbeck, executive cook, Kimpton The Rowan Palm Springs. “It’s a ‘one knife does it all’ for bread knives, from bagels to hearth-baked breads.” Although the bread knife is dishwasher-safe, the brand still suggests washing it by hand to prevent dulling the blade. It’s likewise worth keeping in mind that it has a curved blade (unlike several various other bread blades) that makes it simpler to manage, according to Ed Tatton, owner of a sourdough pastry shop in Canada.” [It allows] you to get the ideal piece out of your loaf.”

Ideal Side Retention: Wüsthof Standard 10-inch Bread Blade

This 10-inch bread blade from Wüsthof, a.k.a. Ina Garten’s best blade brand name, is developed to cut via bread without squashing the inside or leaving way too many crumbs behind. The German-made knife utilizes the brand name’s proprietary Precision Edge Innovation, which makes use of lasers to make the blade 20% sharper than previous versions with two times the edge retention. “Not only [is the blade] helpful for slicing crusty bread, I likewise utilize it virtually daily to slice cakes too,” claims Wilk. “I always have an unique location in my heart for Wüsthof, as it was the very first knife that was purchased for me as a present when I mosted likely to cooking school.”

Many Adaptable Blade: Tojiro 9.25-inch Bread Slicer

Kelly Mencin, bread cook at Rolo’s in New York City, enjoys the Tojiro bread slicer a lot that it’s the knife she makes use of in the house. She says it’s “a little bit more versatile and also thinner” than the one she makes use of at the dining establishment, which makes it suitable for softer sorts of bread. Made with a high-carbon stainless steel blade and an all-natural wood deal with, the Tojiro knife will certainly last a while as long as it’s properly looked after. “This bread knife is extremely sharp while still being lightweight,” states April Franqueza, bread cook at High Hampton in Cashiers, NC. “I also love it due to the fact that regardless of where you go to in your bread adventure, whether an amateur or expert, it is inexpensive and also easily accessible.” Amazon shoppers plainly like it also: The bread knife has more than a thousand first-class rankings, with one customer saying it “pieces artisan sourdough bread in slim slices like nothing else [they’ve] ever before attempted.”

Finest DTC: Made In 9-inch Bread Blade

Along with its cooking equipment, direct-to-consumer brand Made In also makes a fantastic serrated bread knife. The blade was created in partnership with cook Nancy Silverton, however it’s also gained praise from others in the food sector.” [It’s] incredibly sharp as well as holds a side effectively,” says Matthew Raiford, specialist chef as well as writer of the recipe book Bress ‘n’ Nyam: Gullah Geechee Recipes from a Sixth-Generation Farmer. The bread blade is made from built stainless steel, as well as its 9-inch blade has 24 serrated points that punctured every kind of bread. According to Raiford, the Made In bread blade is the “appropriate kind of [knife] to not only reduce a pleasant cream biscuit or slice up some beer bread and also baguettes with ease, yet also fantastic for cutting into a soft tomato or mango very cleanly.”

Finest Offset: Shun Traditional Offset 8.25-inch Bread Blade

A balanced out bread blade, similar to this one from Shun, has a slightly various layout than the other blades on this list. The blade is slightly less than the manage, which keeps “knuckles free from the cutting board,” says chef Suzanne Lane of Aster Hall in Chicago. She also appreciates that the bread blade is light-weight (thanks to its sharp Japanese steel). Even though Shun was among one of the most usual brands recommended by the cooks we talked to, you don’t need to be at their degree to utilize it. “It’s a specialist blade brand that is additionally best for the residence chef,” claims Maya-Camille Broussard, owner of the bakery Justice of the Pies, and also a person that is “sentimentally attached” to the brand. “When I first started to seriously work in the kitchen, my cousin, Justin, talented me my first Shun blade as a ‘thank you’ for flying to San Francisco to babysit his children for a week,” she states.

Ideal with Ergonomic Deal With: Global Ukon 9-inch Bread Blade

The International Ukon bread knife, which is exclusive to Williams Sonoma, boasts an ergonomic take care of with a spherical spine that’s comfortable sufficient to hold for long periods of time. The manage itself is offer inches long as well as has an ambidextrous thumb rest, so it works just as well for left-handed as well as right-handed people. “We undergo a great deal of crostini in the restaurants, whether it’s for beef tartare, salmon rillette, or as a car to absorb brownish butter,” says Ashish Alfred, chef and proprietor of the Alfred Restaurant Group, who has actually been utilizing this brand given that cooking institution. “That’s a lot of thin pieces of bread, which can be miserable on your wrist quite promptly. However this worldwide knife has a thin handle and also a lot of room for your forefinger, taking a lot of the pressure off,” states Alfred.

Finest with Brief Blade: J.A. Henckels Standard 7-inch Bread Blade

If you’re a bit frightened by extra-long bread knives, attempt this smaller 7-inch one from J.A. Henckels. “These blades are light in dealing with, very tough, and [they] piece easily,” states Theron Blake, cook de partie at Heathrow Heritage Club, who recommends these blades for anyone making fruit plates in the house. The much shorter length makes it hassle-free for reducing smaller sized food, like juicy tomatoes, however just bear in mind that slicing bigger loaves of bread might be a little bit challenging since the blade is short. The bread knife is totally created and made with German stainless steel, however it’s really made in Spain.

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