Saturday, December 3, 2022

Backyard Activities for Kids: Here Are 7 Ways to Keep Them Entertained Outdoors

Your attractive backyard featuring a lovely outdoor dining area, an expertly installed sprinkler system in Toronto, and a stunning swimming pool is not just a space for enjoying barbecues during the summer. Aside from parks and beaches, you can also turn your outdoor space into a canvas for your children’s play and imagination.

Preparing fun and creative backyard activities will allow your kids to have fun while learning, especially when their vacation is in full swing. Kids will naturally want to engage in exciting activities at home after months of being cooped up at a preschool in Sharon, for example.

Letting them engage in these activities will allow disruption-free moments while you attend to your chores and office tasks (if you’re working from home). But that’s not to say that you should allow them to explore outdoor beauty on their own. You must also spare some time to conduct these activities with them. 

Simple outdoor activities will not only be a source of so much enjoyment, laughter, and joy for your kids. Other benefits of outdoor activities include improved sleep, immunity, muscles and bones, mental well-being, and reduced anxiety.

To help you encourage your kids to explore, build, create, or just relax in the outdoors, we put together creative ideas that will inspire backyard fun! Let’s jump right into them.

1: Go Bird-Watching

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When you introduce your kids to bird-watching, their love for nature will naturally develop. Bird-watching will also be an educational activity since they will get to know the birds in your region. 

Bring a pair of binoculars as they go outside. Let them survey the trees, bushes, telephone poles, and grass to locate some feather friends. Let them identify each bird’s colour, size, and behaviour to make it fun and creative. You can even attract birds to your backyard with a bird feeder, a birdbath, or a nest box.

2: Let Them Play Camp Kitchen

Who doesn’t enjoy whipping up fake meals? Your children will love it, especially in a backyard with a “campfire.” You can help them pack their play pots, pans, and whatever they suggest into their backpack. You can then head out to collect kindling and build a “fire.”

3: Create an Obstacle Course

An obstacle course in your backyard will nurture your child’s problem-solving skills. You can create one using chalk. Once your kids become familiar with this activity, you can make a more challenging version. For example, you can ask them to play the game backwards or space out the obstacle course sections. You can also add math problems or riddles they can solve in different areas. 

4: Play Capture the Flag

This classic outdoor game usually involves 6 or more players and 2 flags (fabrics of different colours). Divide the players into 2 teams and place a flag at the back of each of their courts.

The participants must dash into the opposing team’s court to steal their flag. The winner will be announced once a team successfully “tags” (captures the flag of) the opposing team.

They will not only benefit from this classic game in terms of their physical assets. It will also make them more competitive as they try to steal the opposing team’s flag.

5: Let Them Make Mud Pies

Making mud pies is another classic outdoor activity enjoyed for generations. You can let your children do it or try it together. You only need to prepare some old pots, pans, and dishes so you can set up a Mud Kitchen activity for your kids. They can make mud pies, stir some flowers, leave them in water, and more.

6: Teach Them How to Paint with Water

Another game that will help you not only let your kids enjoy themselves but also stimulate their creative juices is water painting. If you have an easel with a chalkboard on 1 side, take them out, cover it with chalk, and allow your young artists to paint with water on it.

An alternative to a chalkboard is letting kids paint on the fence, sidewalk, driveway, or porch with a bit of water. This will also allow them to practice their fine motor skills.

7: Encourage Them to Start a Nature Journal

Another activity you can encourage your kids to engage in is encouraging them to start a nature journal. This will sharpen their observation and writing skills. You can let them appreciate the beauty and value of those maple trees for sale in Brampton you’re trying to sell or your garden full of greeneries.

After they’ve spent time outdoors, you can let them write down what they see, how those trees and flowers make them feel, and what they’ve learned from simple observation. If they want to be extra creative, they can also draw pictures or glue in found objects to help them visualize and reflect on their experience.