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Binge-watch Your Favorite Shows on Apps like Bioscope Live TV

In the era of premium OTT apps, it is difficult to find a live tv app that lets you enjoy your favorite TV shows without disruptions. Bioscope Live TV is the best fit for you if you are looking for such apps. The app allows you to choose from local and international TV channels that stream trending and popular TV shows. Apart from that, the app has tons of exclusive content that would be challenging for you to find on any other streaming platform. But still, if you’re looking for alternatives for the same, we’ve got you covered! 

Live TV Mobile

Apart from Bioscope Live TV, many underrated TV apps allow you to enjoy various genres of content quickly. Live TV Mobile is one of them. This app makes sure you binge-watch live streaming of channels such as LoveWorld USA, LoveWorld Plus, LoveWorld TV, and LoveWorld SAT. you can also perform various activities on the app, such as seeing and posting live comments, browsing sports, and get thoughtful insights. It will be a more of interaction and communcation app rather than just streaming your favorite channels. So get ready to expereince the whole new world of Live TV Mobile app on your smartphone or tablet!


If you are a football fan, then UEFA.tv is something you must have. One can easily access Live UEFA youth, women’s, and futsal action using the app. Also, it would be a cakewalk for anyone to watch UEFA competition highlights. Apart from that, there would not be any platform other than UEFA.TV that allows you to enjoy archive footage. All you need to do is register or log in with your UEFA account and start enjoying football live. 


Interacting with faith-based networks has become vital. Hence, DayStar is an app that allows you to do that easily. It is an app that one can easily access whenever and whenever they want. Also, the DayStar app has all your favorite shows available in one place. One of the essential aspects of the app is that it allows you to download the content on your device which makes it easy for you to watch your favorite matches or shows or anything else whenever you want to. 

My Sport Live

If you are based out of Australia and want to enjoy your favorite sport on your smartphone, then there would not be a better app than My Sport Live. This app lets you enjoy every sporting event from around Australia. Also, it showcases club events, world championships, and everything in between. The user interface of the app is simple and intuitive. Hence. Download the My Sport Live app now and start watching your favorite Australian event.


Bioscope Live TV is one of the finest Live TV apps. The experience will be wholesome if you download Bioscope live tv on your respective devices, of course, you could pick any of the apps that are similar to Bioscope live TV.

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Cary Grant
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