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IronFX is your Best Online Forex Trading experience

IronFX is an online brokerage offering an array of features and flexible trading terms to both experienced and novice traders. IronFX offers a variety of demo accounts and seven kinds of real accounts. There are micro-accounts designed for beginner’s traders as well as traditional as well as professional-grade trading accounts. The most important feature of Professional accounts lies in the use of their ECN system for connecting transactions to the market of interbanks that allows it to improve the speed of the execution of orders.

To trade, you can select a platform for trading that you prefer: from the traditional MetaTrader4 and the version that is portable from WebTrader or Research’s mobile-friendly application. IronFX also has an online terminal that comes with free hosting on VPS servers as well as an advanced platform.

IronFX’s helpful services:

  • Currency converter: Created in order to change one currency another on the website of the broker;
  • Pip calculator: Calculates what a Pip’s value is the specific currency.
  • Margin calculator: The calculation of the margin for a particular trading instrument by taking into consideration the leverage and volume of lots
  • Profit calculator: Calculation of income online dependent on the parameters for trading in a particular asset
  • AutoTrade: This service is intended for trader’s passiveness and lets you duplicate trades made by successful traders.


  1. A wide variety of trading accounts.
  2. An investor can select the most suitable trading platform for him.
  3. The chance to create an example for yourself.
  4. Numerous bonus programs as well as regular promotions and contests for traders.

AutoTrade is a passive trading platform

This service lets you earn money by replicating trades made by professional traders. Create an account through the platform, fund your trading account, and connect your AutoTrade account to your IronFX account. You can then select the traders to copy trades and then monitor the success of your operations.

Certain features associated with the AutoTrade platform include:

  • A simple interface. It helps even a new investor to comprehend the process and make trading easier and easy.
  • Rate of trader. You can check the trading performance of different traders and evaluate the degree of risk before deciding which trades you want to duplicate.
  • Reporting. It allows you to analyze the outcomes of copying transactions and help you develop the most efficient trading strategy.
  • There is a chance for risk control. Because of additional settings, you are able to adjust the account to meet your requirements which includes taking into account the riskiness of your transactions.

There is no need to trade actively in order to become an investor. It’s a copy trade service that is designed for traders who are new to trading. It lets you observe the work of experts and gain insight from their knowledge. For more advanced users, it is possible to earn extra money without having to be a follower of the market trends.

One of the biggest negatives of the platform is the lack the ability to view a trader’s ratings without registration. The rating is required at a minimum to observe the creation of terms, strategies and filters, which is the core functionality that the system provides. If you are concerned that the broker may be collecting personal information and allows full access to the terms after registration, you may provide incorrect data. But why would the broker make it more difficult? Insufficient transparency should be a reason to consider what else IronFX is hiding.

How To Choose A High Leverage Forex Broker

A lot of examples of high leverage brokers that’s perfect for any novice trader who would like to try margin trading. There are many options available. It’s a matter of what you should consider when choosing the best high-leverage forex broker for you.

Don’t fret for a second as you use trusted platforms, make your trades in a controlled manner and adhere to the fundamental guidelines of risk management you’ll be just perfect.

● Height of Leverage

The primary requirement is to select the best broker. One of the primary things you need to think about in that regard is the amount of leverage. Yes, leverage is definitely something you desire, but not too high. Keep in mind that high-leverage trading simply involves borrowing money for an individual trade from the broker. Such as RoboForex are reliable since they have millions of customers and have more than a decade of experience in the business But not every broker has an experience. Additionally, if you cannot trade directly using an uncooked spread it’s likely that the broker isn’t to be trusted.

● Customer service

It may seem insignificant to brokers who aren’t experienced, however the level of service and speed of response of the customer service offered by a broker is a good gauge of the overall quality and reliability. Honest, professional brokers are always attentive to their customers. Their customer service provides quick answers and solutions and are often available 24/7.

● Versatility

If you’re looking for a high-leverage broker You also need a broker that is flexible enough. A broker that has a broad variety of options for trading is likely to be a great option than one that only permits trading in only a few things. Look for a broker that offers cryptocurrency, binary options metals, indices and metals stocks. There are some additional subtleties to be aware of also.

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