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Avoiding Expensive Plumbing Repairs

It is important when you are a homeowner to keep track of service records. Your plumbing is one of the systems that requires regular inspections and care, or you might need to call in a drain plumber Perth, for blocked drains, or bigger repairs. Rather than only calling in a licensed professional when things go wrong or paying high costs for an emergency plumber, finding a plumber to handle your routine inspections and care can really save you stress, time and money. Here are some more tips on avoiding expensive plumbing repairs when, especially when it comes to your water heater.

Water Pressure

A lot of people focus on the need for good water pressure, especially when they are in the shower. But did you know water pressure that is too high is actually a problem? As well as looking for the obvious signs of plumbing issues such as blocked drains Perth, you also should know that burst hoses and pipes rupturing can happen when you have the water pressure higher than recommended. This could be a costly problem if it is not addressed in a timely manner.

Most plumbing systems have a pressure reducing valve but even then, these are not components that last forever, or even as long as your main plumbing system. The valve needs to be checked regularly and replaced when required, usually every 2 or more years, but many homeowners never arrange inspection, let alone replacement. It is any wonder your home is experiencing water pressure issues, if the pressure valve has not been looked at in over 20 years.

So what kind of pressure should you be looking at for the water in your home? The average home should be good with 75 to 80 PSI. Crazily some people have it up to 100 PSI, or even more, and then wonder why they are having so many issues with their plumbing. Replacing old pressure valves is not hard or expensive either. If you do not have one, they are not hard to install. Look close to the main water valve in your home where you can shut off the water and there should be one around there.

Left unchecked, high water pressure damages not just the pipes and connections but also your appliances too. You are likely paying higher water bills because of excessive water consumption, and you might also be experiencing water hammer on a regular basis. Check your valve, have a plumber replace it if needed.

Regular draining of sediment

Another area to keep on top of with your plumbing is your water heater. Nobody enjoys having their hot shower turn cold on them. One of the common reasons for hot water problems and for a water heater not lasting as long as it should, is not cleaning out the sediment when it builds up. Calling in a licensed plumber every year can help you extend your water heater’s lifespan and one of the things they can do is drain out the sediment. Ignoring this can actually halve the life span of the heater from 10 to 15 years or even more, down to 7 to 10 years.

As well as calling out a plumber for blocked drains Perth you should also be using them to inspect your plumbing systems and maintain them. Small repairs and inspections cost less than major ones.

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