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What Is Search Engine Marketing And How To Use It?

One of the main challenges for companies that are on the Internet is to appear in the first positions within search engines. The reason for this is simple. Search engines like Google allow you to gain visibility with consumers and attract a qualified audience, which translates into greater profitability. Therefore, search engine marketing is one of the most used strategies by companies.

Search engine marketing company, also known by its term in English SEM (Search Engine Marketing), is a form of digital marketing that consists of using a series of techniques to improve the positioning of a web page in search engines, using organic or marketing methods.

Types Of Listings In Search Engines

Search engine results pages, known as SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages), display two types of results or lists: organic and paid.

Organic listings

They are the results that generally appear in the center of the page. To find out which ones to show, the search engine uses an algorithm that tells it which websites best respond to a specific query made by the user. Google’s algorithm, for example, is based on content relevance and authority, that is, links from other pages. To position a page organically through search engine marketing, a set of tools known as SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is used.

Payment listings

They are the results that are located at the top of the pages, above the organic listings. They can also appear in the right column. It works in a similar way to organic positioning, since when a user makes a related search, these results appear with a link. However, it differs in the fact that since it has a prime position in the SERPs, every time someone clicks on the link, the company pays a fee. To appear in this type of list, your company must use search engine advertising solutions such as Google Ads.

Search engine marketing (SEM) involves both the use of SEO techniques for organic positioning, and the purchase of ads to appear in paid listings. However, you should know that in practice, most marketers use the term ‘SEM’ to refer only to paid results and not SEO. So it is important that you keep in mind that many times this type of marketing is associated only with search engine advertising.

Keys to using search engine marketing in your company

Search engine marketing, whether SEO or paid, has many advantages, including the ability to get qualified traffic to your website. It also allows your business or brand to be recognized, which means it increases your visibility. Best of all, it allows you to adjust the campaigns to your budget and its results are visible and measurable.

However, for search engine marketing to work effectively and you can increase the percentage of conversions from visitors to customers, you must take into account the following recommendations.

Use the word planner

Keywords are the foundation on which search engine marketing is based. And it is precisely these words that will make your content or ad appear to users. Therefore, you should use a word planner (keyword planner), since with this tool you will be able to better target phrases or terms associated with your brand or business. Once you have the keywords it is recommended that you use another tool: Google Trends. This service will help you determine which ones have the highest volume of traffic.

Take advantage of geographic targeting for your campaigns

When you create paid campaigns you can use the geo-targeting function to reach your potential customers more easily and directly. Keep in mind that even though the audiences share the same language, each one may have different interests. So this option will help you to further personalize your ads.

Create ad groups by campaign

It is important that the ads created are relevant to the audience and well organized. To achieve this, it is best to create ad groups, since this way they can be sorted by subject. This allows you to find out which texts or words work best and impact your audience in different ways.

Search engine marketing can offer many advantages to your brand or business. But it is essential to know how to implement your techniques and strategies well so that it gives excellent results. This is why it is best to bet on a digital marketing company, since they have experts in the area who know how to use each of the tools to apply good search engine marketing.

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