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Deicing Salt and Deicer Salt Vs Himalayan Salt

Winter is the season of snow and rain. Snow falling is the beauty of this season. But it also comes with some disadvantages like accidents and injuries by slipping and land sliding due to the layer of ice frozen on the roads and pavements. Deicer is the substance that greatly improve road and walkways safety by reducing the melting point of water and avoid forming of ice.

Deicer salts acts as a savior in the swear winter season. Especially in the countries or areas where snow falling and snow storm is usual. When snow falls on roads it become hard and slippery in the form of ice and to walk and move even in vehicles, becomes much difficult and dangerous. So Deicers helps to clear the roads in clearing and ploughing from ice.

Road salt chemical formula:

All chlorides acts as deicing salts like Sodium Chloride, Magnesium Chloride, Calcium Chloride and complex chlorides minerals. All chlorides are good for deicing because of their chemical ionic composition. They have a compact ionic structure that distribute into ions while reacting with water and lessen it freezing point.

Amongst all Road Salts Sodium Chloride is the most commonly using deicing salt with having all its chemical composition. Sodium and Chloride are the basic components of Road salt and it has a compact ionic structure. Sodium chloride and other deicing agents can be used in one or another way to have desired outcomes.

When we apply any deicing salt on ice, the chemical process of ionization start with the ice. The ionization procedure itself produce a specific heat. When the bond between Chlorides breakout in positive and negative ions and release a specific heat it helps to reduce the melting point of ice and transform it in to the water.

How does Road Salt Works?

 The process of ionization is the key point of the whole deicing procedure. It is the ionized compact formula of sodium chloride and other chlorides that make them label of anti-icing or de-icing agent. Sodium Chloride releases negative ions in ionization procedure that reacts with ice composition and breakdown the H2O strong bond and changes its melting point. It brings it on the point that ice start melting and automatically transforms into water.

Chlorides also softens the icy layers and cause breakage of the thick layers. After the breakage in to smaller manageable pieces it becomes easily to plough and remove the ice from the surface.

How to make Salt Brine for Deicing?

Deicing with Brine solution is the general using deicing agent because it is very easy to prepare brine solution. We can prepare our anti-icing and deicing agent by simply adding a specific quantity to water. The ratio or water and Sodium Chloride matters a lot so it is the main point while preparing this solution.

To make Brine the ratio that we should keep in mind is 23% TO 77%. The salt should be 23% in 77% water solution. Always take hot water, it will increase the solubility of Salt and also temperature will work as a redeemer. Put the solution into the basket and start to stir with a wooden stick to dissolve deicing agent properly. But it is not the hard and fast rule we can concentrate our brine by adding more salts to it. It will become more effective. Now there’s the matter that how to apply brine on roads let’s have a glance on it.

Pre-wetting the streets or roads are the best way because it prevent the snow to get rigid in the form of ice and also from sticking to the roads and pavements.

Applying Brine on a thick icy layer caused breakage and thinness of layers. After breakage we can easily remove icy layers by ploughing.

Brine solution stands best because if we find at any stage that the quantity of deicer salt is not enough we can add it on any point and can concentrate our solution.it usually works on 15 to 20 degree Fahrenheit. Other salts also work in the same manner.

Deicer Salt Vs Himalayan Salt.

Deicer salt and Himalayan Salt both are salts with composition of Sodium and chloride. The difference comes with the ratio of these minerals in these two salts. Bulk Himalayan Salt is purely handcrafted and mined product with 98% sodium chloride ratio.it also have other 98%trace minerals in it that makes it more suitable for human consumption. But this is also a fact that it can be used as deicing salt due to same composition. But it is said that residue of using Himalayan Salt are more than the white deicer salt that is more pure and clean in nature.

White salts or deicing agent’s chloride salts have more Purity in them. When we talk about purity it means the ratio of Sodium and Chloride and it is more in white deicing salt than other salts. White salts are the basic residues of sea salt. And have more chlorides in it that fits best for deicing and anti-icing.

Hence, we can say that both can work to fulfill our requirements and now it’s up to you to whom we choose. Himalayan salt is cheaper then deicing white salt but white deicer is more suitable for deicing tan Himalayan salt.    


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