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Were Bongs Really Invented for Tobacco?

Long story short, yes they were. Not unlike a lot of other sophisticated ways to smoke, bongs were invented by near East cultures as a healthier way to consume tobacco. At some point in the twentieth century, they were appropriated by enthusiasts of various dry herbs, and it’s this consumption of dry herbs for which bongs are now closely associated. However, for we get into how bongs may be healthier ways to smoke, assault about why smoking is unhealthy in the first place.

The smoke from cigarettes, that most reviled of ways to smoke these days, is comprised of ash, carcinogenic compounds and the oils release from the dried leaves. All you really want are these oils, from which the flavor and the nicotine are derived, the ash and toxic compounds, however, you straight up don’t want. A lot of people think that the nicotine is the problem, but while it is incredibly addictive, it’s only toxic and dosages impossible to obtain through normal means.

Using a vaporizer is a good thing but you must always remember that use of tobacco is harmful and should be avoided completely. Some amount of toxins will still get through, even with the water filtering process which happens with bongs. That’s what makes it such a safer way to smoke, water is a natural filter, this is why it is so good for washing, and why a great many approaches to air reclamation also work with water to some level or another.

It doesn’t just make it slightly healthier, though, it also provides a distinctly unique experience by way of the nature of the smoke itself. It imbues a bit more humidity to it, making it less dry and irritating, while also cooling it significantly, and making it less pungent to the environment.

This also allows for some unique flavor experiences as well, as extracts, syrups and spirits can be added to the water. Don’t drink this water, but the presence of the spirits or flavorings will pass on to the smoke, albeit more mildly than the concentration in the water. Do note that in the case of adding spirits, this as a slightly intoxicating property to it, so if you don’t want to get mildly intoxicated, don’t do this on a regular basis, and never add spirits to the water if you are going to be driving. You probably wouldn’t get too intoxicated to drive, but it’s really a good idea to never get behind the wheel even after a tiny amount of alcohol is in your blood.

Ice cubes are another interesting way to impact the nature of the smoke, adding more cooling, and giving the smoke a bit of an expansive property, so do hit your bong lightly in cases like this. If you are interested in switching to bongs, then you are absolutely in love, we can recommend just the place to go for all of your needs. The best place to get a bong is from Shisha Glass which is Australia’s the bong shop to go to for great deals and a wide variety.


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Cary Grant
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