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5 Tax Mistakes Everyone Should Avoid

Did you know that the IRS received 169 million returns and issued more than 100 million refunds in 2021? 

Not everyone gets a tax return, and some are left paying for their decisions all at once or just barely break even.

If you want to optimize your tax returns, there are a few mistakes you’ll want to avoid.

Keep reading to learn about common tax mistakes that can put your financial security at risk! 

1. Not Marking the Calendar

One of the biggest mistakes you can make with taxes is not marking the deadlines.

Aside from identifying the final tax day, you should include reminders so that your paperwork gets completed on time. If you miss the deadlines you may have to pay certain fees. It’s best to communicate with the IRS if you’ve missed your deadline. 

Try to avoid procrastinating and get help if you can’t complete the paperwork on time. Keep in mind that each week that passes without your taxes submitted, you’ll owe money. 

2. Spelling Errors 

When it comes to filing taxes, you must be detailed and double-check for spelling errors.

Many people get their refunds delayed because of simple mistakes. Misspelling your name or inputting the wrong social security number can delay your refund for months. Spell your name on your tax returns exactly how it appears on your social security card. 

Before you hit the final submission, pull your SS card out to verify for accuracy. 

3. Using the Wrong Bank Account Number

The worst thing that could happen is you file your taxes and your money goes into someone else’s account. 

When you’re doing taxes, keep your banking info nearby so that you know what account the money will get deposited into. It’s common for people to switch digits or not include the entire account number. Always check your banking info so that your refund doesn’t get held up!

If you aren’t getting a refund and owe the IRS, make sure you have the check going out to the correct party. 

4. Walking Away

No matter how far you run, you’ll need to face tax season head-on. 

Many people get discouraged by audits and tax season because they don’t know what to expect. Before you walk away, learn more about tax audits so that you can get prepared. Learning about your taxes is much more beneficial than walking away and dealing with the consequences later. 

The sooner you deal with your taxes, the sooner you can relax from financial security. 

5. Mailing Issues 

When you manage finances, you can do it online or through the mail.

If you are sending a check instead of using a debit card, you must ensure that you mail it properly. It’s best to take your tax return and check to the post office since they will check the postage. You can pay for your postage and shipping, otherwise, online transactions offer a more instant solution. 

Verify the names, addresses, and stamps on your envelope before sending them out so it doesn’t get sent back. 

Do You Want Financial Security? 

To get financial security, you must manage finances and file taxes. 

Doing taxes can be stressful and it’s easy to make simple mistakes. Unfortunately, a small oversight can cause serious delays and frustration. If you don’t want to deal with the IRS longer than necessary, take your time and don’t give up until you see your return. 

Don’t wait to get help from a CPA or financial consultant. It’s better to pay a small fee and get your taxes done on time rather than miss a deadline. 

If you want to discover more budgeting and financial tips, check out our site for the latest content! 

Cary Grant
Cary Grant
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